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Mapping the Colour Narratives of Movies

Mapping the Colour Narratives of Movies

Previously on this blog we've seen a pretty cool visualization of the history of colour in movie posters. Today we bring you another awesome visualization, but this time from a different angle.

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Spotmaps is an on-going project to map the colour narratives of various films. Based on Brendan Dawes' Cinema Redux, each frame's colour is sampled and a spot of average colour is produced from the combination of one second's frames. The visualizations span from films dating back to 1923 through present day and they already have quite the collection to explore.

Here were some of our colourful favorites from the database.

Tree of Life (2011)

The Terminator (1984)

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)

The Seventh Seal (1957)

It's interesting that even with just small blocks of color, you can still get a sense of what parts of the film you're looking at. You can check out the rest of the narrative maps, and see if they have any of your favorites, on the Spotmaps website.

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Neat! If only it could be done for our lives....I'd be interested to see how my life's colour has changed over the years.


This is so cool! I was really taken by the colors in the Hugo Cabret movie, but unfortunately that's not (yet?) on their site.

huege, that's a great idea, too!


I went to my favorite genre--animation.
The spotmap for Miyazaki's Tales from Earth Sea reflected his usual gorgeous use of color :)
This is seriously cool.


Do Wreak-It-Ralph or Brave! Those are both good movies!


huege wrote:
Neat! If only it could be done for our lives....I'd be interested to see how my life's colour has changed over the years.

That's such an interesting idea! There must be certain periods of darker colours. I wonder if the colours from when you are a kid would be brighter? Or what about when your favourite colour changes? That's neat to think about.

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