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Exquisite Entrees: Colors from the Earth to the Sea

Exquisite Entrees: Colors from the Earth to the Sea

Incredible how creatures of the sea can camouflage themselves in the depths but captivate us with their vibrant colors when paired with earthy vegetables, legumes, and grains. For your second course (here's the first, if you missed it!), we've decided to highlight this lovely balance of earth and sea.

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We’ve included two dishes from avid Forkly-ers, Chef Rodrigo De La Calle of Aranjuez, Spain and Chef Alessandro Ricciardi of Florence, Italy. Chef De La Calle’s creations focus on “Gastrobotánica,” a new wave of cooking that emphasizes the use of uncommon plant species for delicate, artistic dishes. Chef Ricciardi works with flour and natural yeast concentrating on impastazione, or, “making the dough” into beautifully textured dishes with contrasting reds, purples, greens, and such, depending on the ingredients of the season.

As is our reaction to many of the chefs and food enthusiasts on Forkly, we wish we could hop on a plane just to try a bite!

Pulpo Y Lentejas


Fish Base Soup With Rice Noodles


Seared Scallops with Pork Hock & Leek Terrine


Spaghettino Mare


Lobster and Pea Risotto


For more colorful dishes and to share your own, check out the Forkly app!

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How about some vegan entries!!
Yes! This list is definitely missing a vegan recipe… or two

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