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Labor of Love - Creative Market Now Open!

Labor of Love - Creative Market Now Open!

It's been a long time coming, and after many months of hard work we're super excited and proud to announce that Creative Market has opened its doors!

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In a heartfelt welcome message, our fearless leader Bubs explains some of the thought behind Creative Market:

Your local farmer's market is more than a transactional experience, it's an opportunity to meet the producers and learn the story behind their goods, and to interact with a community of like-minded people who all appreciate artisan creators. Creative Market is built with a similar ethos to make beautiful design simple and accessible to everybody, by building a platform that lets designers around the world connect with consumers of design assets like fonts, templates, illustrations, and more. And to facilitate those connections in a marketplace that celebrates, supports and pushes the design world forward.

You can read more about our goals and our future in the full blog post.

Without further adieu, we present to you Creative Market! Feel free to poke around, click all the things, and if you have any feedback for us, boy would we love to hear from you. :)


As you're looking around you may notice a pattern here and there that looks familiar. Well that's because a few folks from the COLOURlovers community were handpicked to showcase their patterns in the new marketplace.

The Queen's Bazaar on Creative Market

Jjolimie on Creative Market

AnyPalacios on Creative Market

yoksel on Creative Market

rubyvillasenor on Creative Market

anonymuse on Creative Market

Penina on Creative Market

Now some of you may be wondering how you too can create a shop on Creative Market. While we would love to invite each and every member of COLOURlovers, the reality is that the marketplace would be overflowing with your colorful patterns, and we're trying to build something universally awesome that features all kinds of artists and their content. That being said, we do have plans to invite more of you amazing pattern-creators in the future, so stay tuned!

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Glad to hear it's open. Must check it out :)


I read the news on Facebook! Congratulations, Darius! This is fantastic. ^_^


Thanks Penina, I knew I missed someone. I'll add you to the post. :)


Thanks sprout/lesley!
Super happy to be included.

Guess it was your code I pilfered…

Nie Niez 1702

Waiting For It... ... ^@^ <3


this is wonderful! congratulations for the page!!


This is so exciting, it looks great!

Any Palacios

All Designers are so exited, this is a great idea and oportunity for everybody to show our designs, have fun and make business at the same time. Thank you Darius for this
awesome creative market site, I hope this colaboration will be very successful.


This sounds fascinating. Would love to get more info.

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