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iPhone Design + Branding Trends

iPhone Design + Branding Trends

Mobile design and branding are two very important pieces of today's design culture. More than ever, people are jumping into the world of mobile and trying to tackle the needs of consumers.

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Here is a collection of iPhone apps that have a great design as well as top-notch branding from start to finish. Check out the various mobile trends that are taking over the mobile design world.

Source: Flowerly by Justalab

Source: OATbook by Rob Cleaton

Yardsale by Sarah Mick

Source: DribbbleDribbble

Source: Dribbble, Dribbble

Source: Dribbble, Dribbble




 What mobile design elements are your favorite of the moment?


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What mobile design elements are your favorite of the moment?
It Will Be Great If The Design Elements Follow The Weather Or How We Feel, The Colour Or Design Will Change~
Do We Have Like That Of Idea, I Don't Think So ToT
I love the "washed out" retro colors. They just look comfortable.
I love the colours that the flowerly app design uses - I like the contrasting colours of the orange and the pale blue together. I think my favourite design here is the meeting and mountains design - I love the texture and how the text looks embossed in the leather. I think what makes most mobile and especially app designs successful is the use of UI kits, it definitely gives a professional finish.
love this
Thanks for sharing these colorful apps !
i particularely like the projects manager one with many colors (yellow, blue, green...), but didn't found its name :/
Very cool !

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