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Be The Next GelaSkins Artist :: Design Contest

Be The Next GelaSkins Artist :: Design Contest

Be the next GelaSkins artist! Gelaskins works with some of the world's finest talent to bring stunning art to any device. You could be the next artist to be featured on GelaSkins and have your pattern available worldwide!

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GelaSkins is passionate about great design which is why you'll find some of world's most creative minds gracing their pages. A portion of each skin, case or print sold goes directly to the creator, helping to support and promote independent artists everywhere. Pretty neat, right?

The HardCase is the newest addition to the product family. It is a tough polycarbonate case made to protect iPhones and impact damage and everyday wear-and-tear. Simple to install and remove, the one-piece snap-on construction holds tight for maximum protection. The HardCase allows for easy access to buttons and is compatible with charging cables and screen protectors.

So let's get down to business! Here are the details to enter our contest and possibly win the fabulous prices below.

How to enter:

Submit one of your patterns here. Just select a pattern template that you designed and colored and apply it to the hardcase... Easy as that! Give it a try.


1st place prize: Winner will become the next GelaSkins artist, and will collect royalties on the sale of their design to our customers.

Runners Up: The 2nd-5th runners up will receive $100 gift card towards custom GelaSkins featuring your pattern.

The 1st place winner will be chosen by GelaSkins but the 2nd-5th place winners will be chosen via voting by your community. Once you create your submission, make sure to check out the other submissions and vote for your favorites.

Submissions will close June 4th and we will be announcing the winner on June 5! Good luck!

View all the entries here: Gelaskins Hardcase Entries.

Contest Rules:
All designs entered stay owned by the creators. The grand prize winner agrees to share their design rights with Geleskins, and participate as one of their designers. They will earn a part of all sales of their design.

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I almost bought one of these cases the other day. Based on the entries I've been seeing, I'm glad I waited! Can't wait to see who wins :)
May we enter more than once, or do we need to limit this to a single submission?

What a great contest! To see all my entries at once, check out my pinterest board:
I wish my thumbnail were tidier, but I don't have photoshop right now.

••• http://pinterest.com/eighteyed/gelaskins-hardcase-my-entries/ •••
Here are the thumbnails for my first 10 entries.
May we enter more than once, or do we need to limit this to a single submission?

Yes, you can enter as many times as you want. :)
These are the first templates I've ever made with Seamless Studio and probably won't be the last! ;)

Starlight by ferrumaeternum

Mango Lemonade
Mango Lemonade by ferrumaeternum
Cool contest! I just bought a Gelaskin last week :)

Socrates Says So
Socrates Says So by huege

Twice The Fun
Twice The Fun by huege

This took stupidly long to draw, but I'm glad I did :) A digital interpretation of my sketchbook doodles.

Sketchbook by stephy

Woody by stephy
Everything looks better on these skins!

Freshhhhhhh by allikep

Zag by allikep

I love this contest! I have never wanted to win one so badly. I've made 10 considered entries in all good faith, but I would have made a lot more, only there's some things I need to know about the contest. Does the entry constitute the template+palette combo only? or are the rights to the template involved? Is this a work for hire situation in that, does Gelaskins own my winning template after the contest, or do I own it and could still license it out, say, in 2 years with a different palette, for a totebag or motorcycle helmet or whatever? Is it a one-time use license? or longer? What happens to the template? Does it stay here for use on Colourlovers? or must it be withdrawn? What about the palette? What about other entries to the contest, are they released afterwards?
I hope we learn more about the mechanics of the contest soon. I know I can put palettes together like nobody's business, but I put a lot of effort into my templates, and retaining rights is precious to me.
Thanks for the opportunity!
I'm in. I kind of stink at making templates, though. :P

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