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Bold & Justified: The Huge World of Typography [infographic]

Bold & Justified: The Huge World of Typography [infographic]

Comic Sans is installed more on PCs. Why so serious Linux & Mac? That's just one of the many things we discovered while looking into the creative history of typography aka fonts. They play a huge part in branding and logos. They bring us the words in the stories we read. They add personality to a message. ... and with CreativeMarket.com, our new marketplace for beautiful design content like fonts launching soon, we wanted to bring the typographic history, usage & character to life. Get your typographic love on!

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P.S. How many different font faces can you name off the top of your head?

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Design with love by Meghan Robichaud

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This is such a wonderful infographic! I adore fonts and this is too cool.!
Loved your infographic. Would you share what service/software was used to make it? I'm seeing these everywhere these days and would like to make one of my own? Thanks.

It was researched and designed by the talented Meghan Robichaud. She's linked at the bottom of the graphic.

It was made using adobe illustrator. :)
Beautiful infographic, very nicely laid out - I'd like this as a long poster in my office at home! I was surprised to see that the most downloaded font on the web is good dog - over twice the amount of downloads as something far more usable such as museo slab!

I've never paid for a font, and I could never see myself forking out thousands of pounds to download a whole font family, especially when tools like Google fonts are growing in popularity with new and beautiful fonts being added daily, I can always find what I need from sources like these.

One of the things I find most curious most about typography is the emotions people have to different fonts, people can love or despise a typeface and not really be able to tell you why - for me, I think Algerian is a truly awful font, and every time I see it, it makes me cringe.
So Cool!
I just have to say...the design is exquisite!!!!!

Very informative...but very beautiful...for a visual learner that's a plus!!! ; )
Incredible graphic!

MegRobichaud wrote:

It was made using adobe illustrator. :)
Fun and informative at the same time. My favorite part is the type anatomy I so want to make it into a wallpaper.
I love typography and this is just wonderfull!
really nice!
Now that's an infograph! Great job- so sick of seeing Social Media infographs.
i like typography but this one is a bit complicated for me
Yo !

A mistake in the first screen
1734 > It's Bodoni not Bidoni
oh~ All great~
Nice, real nice
I was happily surprised to see someone present types as art for COLOURlovers. I have always loved the different uses of type and did my best to study their different uses and use them accordingly.
As some comments noted previously, there were, unfortunately, a few typos... The first that struck me was in the "Type Evolution Chart" : first category should read FRAKTUR instead of FRANKTUR, used throughout the 15th century and very popular in Nazi Germany.
I consider this presentation extremely well documented for all as well as pleasing to the eye, thanks to the judicious choice of colours.
For those interested in typography, the 2010 edition of "InDesign Type" by Nigel French is fun!!! and enlightening.
It's Nimbus [Sans | Roman | Mono ] not Numbus ... or does the original author wish to express their distaste of Nimbus in any of its forms? ;)

But I think this is lovely and may be she should find an outlet to sell a long wall poster version. and then let us all know where that is.
This is really cool, but the last time i checked that wasn't where Norway was located on the map! Such a trifle though :)
After reading LesleyB's and velour baker's comments, I went back to the "Bold and Justified" on Meg's website, I realized I had missed Mr CASLON around 1734 for the simple reason it was misspelled. oops again...
Thats amazing
Awesome info. I love the design.

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