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Blockbuster Designs: The Creative Content that Sells Movies

Blockbuster Designs: The Creative Content that Sells Movies

With the launch of our design content marketplace, CreativeMarket.com coming soon we thought it would be fun to take a look at the most popular design elements in movie posters from 2011. After all, it's the carefully & creatively designed marketing materials for the movies are what get us to the theater.
(honestly, the best selling designs at the movie theater these days are the concessions stands... $6 for a bottle of water?!) The designers capture our attention, but the real success of a blockbuster movie will be determined by the quality of the film itself (not including #4 on the list below)... Let's take a look.

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What Will 2012 Bring?

What movie are you most excited about for 2012? What design elements do you think will dominate this year?

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I really enjoyed this infograph! Thanks!
Wow! This was a nice article Darius!
Waw! It is good article :)
Excellent article!! Thank you very much!!
Nice! <3
Good article. It's surprising how homogenous the palettes are (but with a punch of red). I suddenly got a craving to do some poster mock-ups in Photoshop now :)
Wow, really interesting and aesthetically pleasing article!
sadly, I didn't even know that they had made a "Hangover #2" until last week (when we got it in our Netflix mail). LOL

We only watch our Netflix (mail/streaming with a Roku box)... and I don't manage our movies. I know, I know... I'm so up with the times. However, I did get to see Captain America last year during my flight back from NYC (when we went to the COLOR CONFERENCE). And the only other one I've seen so far is THOR. lol ahh the days of having kids really cuts out going to the theatre. I guess it means when we get a date night, we actually want to hang out with each other. Don't get me wrong, we LOVE movies.

I can't wait to catch up and see Harry Potter and the vampires (although they are entertaining, the girl is not my favorite character).... I am also loving the "Grit" artwork, maybe because it's also fun to create.

@plch - love the funkiness of the older posters and the art, but still love the artwork in these others.

I'm really enjoying this infographic myself and am going to find myself taking study of the posters this year.... more closely.
Why not analyze the years going back to 1945?

That would be a huge undertaking...would be interesting to see trend cycles.

I saw some legend laziness (golden gate in pirates and hairy butter) but it works. ;)
Awesome infographic!
While the design is awesome, odd that nobody noticed quite a big error in the movie data - note how many movies had the identical revenue of $368 million.

I guess form over content is the mantra applied here, sadly.

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