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MEMBERlove: Favorite New Seamless Patterns

MEMBERlove: Favorite New Seamless Patterns

As suggested by ycc2106Highwireartelibby, in the comments of our last fine set of new seamless patterns, and liddle_r in the forum post August 2010: Fabulous pattern discoveries, here are (only) some of the great recent patterns coming out of Seamless.

For some more original patterns follow along and post your own in the forum thread Original Pattern Designs! started by ManiacPlz or follow the real-time fun by browsing the most recent patterns to watch for those new designs popping up periodically amongst the always dazzling color variations of the already created patterns.

"The minute I saw this blog, I was like HEY! Real life versions of our patterns. =)" - leslie

We recently came across the inspiring work of Megan Geckler, and ycc2106's Seamless interpretation of I can tell you how this ends, 2007, it's fantastic, and what's even more fantastic is the group Interpretation Fun focused on that very exercise of interpreting inspiring photos into new patterns.

Original Pattern By: ycc2106

Flying_Trapeze Beltaine

are_you_ready schemed_fields

Original Pattern By: clemlou

frisco_twist Mexitangle

Butterfly Strands

Original Pattern By: prima ballerina

Pony_Flight Motion_Sickness

j fighter_pilot

Original Pattern By: clemlou

retro_mood Sea_Flowers

Exchange_Student drops_of_golden_sun

Original Pattern By: kinkajou888

This_Soul hillarious

smoking_spam. doodling_on_homework

Original Pattern By: ycc2106

Beam_Me_Up_Please Om


Original Pattern By: ambu1959

Excuse_My_Mess Dream_of_the_future

Bhavadharini Avilluk_in_Awe

Original Pattern By: clemlou

Balloning rertospect

Chemical_Beach How_Deep

Original Pattern By: parafinity

1.1_Weave_2 eye_to_eye

Sad_Saintly amar_a_trama

Original Pattern By: mcmp

thinking sweeet

i_love_it Faces_In_The_Cloud

Original Pattern By: clemlou

crystal-palace* virtual_ballroom

dancin_up_a_storm grapefruit.

Original Pattern By: Lerner

Fluid Mess_Me_Up

Teal_Appeal Crumpled_Loose_Leaf

Original Pattern By: Highwireart

Alienized_Kermit Retrograde

I_See_Thru_You Hippie_Turtle

Original Pattern By: mcmp

first_impression mcmp_Hydrangea

neon_flowers f_r_a_g_i_l_e

Frost By colorpie Original Pattern By: Mothra

Peignoir Fan_of_Flowers

Lucky_April Shes_Sleeping

Original Pattern By: mug3n

Possibly_Magic Serene

antiquity e-motion

Original Pattern By: Mothra

For_Phoenixfire Clown_Tesselation

Art_Deco_Wood_Inlay you_are_my_funkyy

Original Pattern By: Mabuse

Lately prismacolor

kinda_cool Magic_Carpet_Rides

Original Pattern By: o2bqueen

True_time The_Sky_Is_Blue_4_U

Marthas_Vineyard Bourbon

Original Pattern By: Liebling

Wrapping_Paper discovering_liebling

Bouquet and_honey

Original Pattern By: niagirl

come_back Whats_goin_on

Prímula fuuuuuuuuun_morning!

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So amazing!
I love colors!! \o/
Wow ..... you guys are incredible! I knew that people would be able use Seamless is ways we never imagined, but these are just incredible. Very, very awesome :-)
Great! Thanks for posting this - I didn't expect to be highlighted like this!! wow! ^^'
The preview gives an other view we don't usually have (embedded in a web page)
+ I didn't know about the group!
Yeah, these are some great patterns. I love them.
A great collection!
wow! these patterns are so full of colour and look great :]
Yeah I'm with Chris... When i was working on making seamless I had no idea stuff like this would come out of it. Awesome work! :)
What a lovely surprise to find my pattern listed among this group! Thank you so much and enJOY the day!
And the excitement continues...........I have to log on every day and night to make sure I don't miss any great pattern.........such as this fun one......
Nice post_________thanks!!
I'm glad to see mine here, with my good friends & great "workers" !
and every day new great works here!!
Very nice to see mine is also there with the selected few-Love to see the wonderful works and creativity of others-It is a never ending excitement
This is so wonderful, especially since these are already some of my favorite patterns. It's good to know I'm not alone in my love for them!

Thanks, karnoug, for posting my Tesla Coil here! That was totally unexpected and cool!
pure awesomeness!!
incredible post and the new patterns are great!
great article... some excellent work here
You've highlighted many of my CL heroes here, and I'm glad more incredible patterns were posted in comments. The beauty of the web is that people will always use the tools you provide in ways you never imagined… and this group of creative people is no exception!
great works of art and i agree with Penina too lots of my CL heroes so to speak as well love you guys and the site too!!
..... you guys are incredible! I knew that people would be able use Seamless is ways we never imagined
visit http://www.colourlovers.com/lover/usedcarsuk
wow!!!!!!!!!!!! a big and good surprise!!!!!!!!!!
thank u guys!

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