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Travel by Color

Travel by Color

A young company "driven by their passion for travel and software," Explorra is a travel site that offers a range of travel inspiration tools, social features, a full service API for developers, and a Travel by Color tool.

Pick your favorite color, or take your chances with a random selection, and if you need more color inspiration to narrow down the hue for your next holiday check out 1000 (Colorful) Places to see Before you Die or these travel and location inspired COLOURlovers groups: Location Location LocationTravel & Around the World.

Hit Pink

Green Haze

Polo Blue

COLOURlovers Travel Groups

Location Location Location

Palettes and colors inspired by places around the world, from your backyard to some place clear across the globe. Also join us for the Lx3 weekly challenge as we draw inspiration from cities, countries and places around the world to make some pretty darn awesome palettes and patterns. :) No passport required.

Columbia papua_new_guinea

Alaskan_summer Vera_Cruz


Anything inspired by travelling places!


The_Vienna_Secession Greece

Around the World

A place to collectively distribute palettes, patterns, and colours inspired by travel and the wonderful diversity of our world.

I_miss_argentina Rio_2016

Touareg morocco_market

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Great post evad! bookmarked this one. Since this is about travel posting a palette where i had visited long time back in northeast of India.

i wonder what you'd get for san francisco...? :D
What color would Ann Arbor be? This was a great post and I bookmarked it as well! How fun to plan an entire vacation around color...
what a great idea, it would certainly help adveturers decide their next trip!
I only saw this now!
I googled Travel by Color and found this post!
This because we're thinking of using it for the next IFword - it would be a way to define color-destination! =)

AND wow!
thank for posting 2(!) of my palettes! ^^'

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