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Font-Integration Roundup

Font-Integration Roundup

Seeing more and more interesting typography on the web lately is like a huge breath of fresh air, and thankfully it's an area going through rapid evolvement. I'm so used to the same old typefaces everywhere that even a little bit of departure can make such a stand-out difference. There's several ways to make use of dynamic text replacement (read more about the various ways to do it here) and while I haven't attempted it myself yet, I'm definitely curious if anyone has and what their experience has been. In the meantime, check out some of my favorite sites that use font-integration. A lot of these came from The Design Cubicle and siteInspire so head over there for even more web design inspiration.

Frank Chimero



Pygmalion Music Festival, Champaign IL

Simon Collison


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Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! =)


Typography on the web is coming along nicely! Thanks for posting this. I love helvetica & handmade fonts myself... I use @font-face kits for CSS from fontsquirrel.com.


I love this post! I am an aspiring graphic/web designer recently obsessed with fonts. This is a great post! Helvetica is my personal favorite.

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