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Colorful Wallpaper Roundup

Colorful Wallpaper Roundup

If you're looking to change up your computer's wallpaper it might be worth your time to take a gander below at 36 selected from deviantART, Desktopography, VLADSTUDIO and Art Wallpapers, or check out our previous wallpaper extravaganza here.

Click on the image for the link.

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Nature never "go's" out of style? Wow. I like a lot of these pictures but that was just really jarring. Go's?


Kiwi! That's so cute! These are inspiring. I wish I could just sit around and do wallpapers. Alas, not enough free time. :( Thanks for the post!


These are great! I always love designing my own wallpaper, and coloring my Window's elements to be compatible. These creations have inspired me for the next time I decide to change. But as @x_1013_x, says, "not enough free time".

Thanks very much for collecting these beauties for us.


@xjulimhx, would you please stop setting the text to superscript? It makes it very hard for us older COLOURlovers to read the comments. Or, if you want to do this for your post, please put in the end-sup html at the end of your post, so it doesn't affect the rest of us.

winter solstice

all of these are so gorgeous!! i love the 3rd one down!


I'm in love with the first one :-)


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