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Photo Freak: Photos Inspired By Color

Photo Freak: Photos Inspired By Color

"People make palettes, I find photos." That's the simple idea CL member Aaris had that started the wonderful Photo Freak Series. The series is just that, she takes the palettes she likes or that are submitted to her and fits them to photos on flickr. Here are some of the great matchups she's made so far. Make sure to check up on the site to see the frequent updates to the series.


lang. mod_activity


calliope soho

dejavu warm_pls

Gaetan Lee

Adrift_in_Dreams Raw

sy parish
vladImir I U L

colorstudio Not_Get_Along_Well

hodge & myfear

Strange_Fish The_Innocent_Letter

Scruffy Dan and Breanne & francesca rose

Big_Butts black__gold

bee forks & orimo

When_You_Sleep No_Regrets


Think_Back_On_It e_t_e_r_n_u_m


Scream_Scream_Scream Dont_Play_With_Fire


a_cinderella_story Clagnut


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Beautiful photographs to grab inspiration from.
Yes you're right vanishing! But it was at this time reverse. First was the palette and then Aaris searched a photo to it from flickr.... Crazy Iidea and a lot of work. I can only admire it. Keep up the good work Aaris! :o)
I love Aaris' photo finding skill!
She always find beautiful pictures that compliment the palette.
This is so cool!
love love love!!!
wow! that's amazing.
this is overwhelmingly yummy
good photos create good ideas for me
ooooh yes, aaris is the best photo freak finder I've ever seen! great you showed this evan and thanks aaris for making such a creative link between palettes and photos!!
Great Work!
omg!! i blushed from head to toe.. ...

thanks alot Evad <3.. and thanks for all who loves this.



What a great idea! Really really good job at finding those!

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