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my colour pallette for all people who have a different sense of colours
1 Lover0 Conversations3 Palettes0 Colors20 PatternsThis group is private
Lawrence Alma-Tadema Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, OM, RA (/ˈælmə ˈtædɪmə/;[1] born Lourens Alma Tadema Dutch pronunciation: [ˈlʌurəns ˈɑlmaː ˈtaːdəˌmaː]; 8 January 1836 – 25 …
6 Lovers1 Conversation8 Palettes7 Colors38 Patterns
We All Love Monet (Don't We?) OPEN TO ALL GROUP for Lovers of Claude Monet . Love Monet's Water Lily Paintings? Fancy his Lovely Landscapes? This may be a group for you. Even …
42 Lovers3 Conversations61 Palettes367 Colors238 Patterns
The Power of Nature A group created for people that have use for the range of colors of the visible spectrum (NATURE). This is a private place to share your "Nature” …
8 Lovers0 Conversations34 Palettes41 Colors136 PatternsThis group is private
The Colors of Monet Claude Monet painted with such passion and yet his paintings contain some of the softest pastel and muted hues. I just wanted a private space to refle…
2 Lovers0 Conversations23 Palettes373 Colors47 PatternsThis group is private

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