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tips for printing on color and texture paper.

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hello COLOURlovers!
can you give me some tips for printing on color and texture paper?

Susan Will

I can offer some tips (the easiest of which is to not use color or textured paper of course!) but need more details. Are you printing from home or with a professional printer? What type of project are you working on and what results are you trying for? For example, business cards versus a brochure or flyer? Bright colored paper or ink? Full saturation of ink to edges? Photos or mostly type, etc.?

isabelazul wrote:
hello COLOURlovers!
can you give me some tips for printing on color and texture paper?


Great and resourceful site.


What will you be printing? What kind of device are you using? What quality are you going for? Personal use or professional?

Just Perfect Color

If printing commercially, you should see if the paper supplier has free samples showing what transparent inks might look like on colored or transparent papers---adjust for the color of the paper accordingly. You should remember that most flat ink colors can be mixed as opaque inks and not just as transparents. You may still need a couple passes to work on darker stocks and remember textured papers if not coated may absorb more ink. Process color does not usually work out so well on dark or textured and absorbent stocks.

Also consider things like foil stamping on dark color papers. You do not have to go goo goo garish shiny metal foils. Some pastel and matte finish foils are gorgeous and subtle.

Depending on what you are printing, screenprinting gets forgotten as a nice means of laying on a heavy coat of opaque ink on paper. Letterpress or engraving are other alternatives beyond offset or inkjet type printing.

Its too bad but lots of what those of us who were once print production managers is being lost to the digital age. Many commercial arts programs no longer even teach much about print production.
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