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Convert "COLORlovers, and Color Image Scale" into Pantone.

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With more than 250 2'x3' landscape, oil paintings under my belt I have gotten good at working with hues of green.
However, I wanted to do something new and have come up with a nice, new technique for doing abstracts. Unfortunately my colour choices stink.
To get started, I would like to convert COLORlovers and the Color Image Scale into Pantone swatch numbers so that I will have something physical, in a size I can work with.
Many thanks in advance.
yes! i totally agree. i love love LOVE this site. it has helped me to tremendously. but there has got to be a way to convert these palettes into pantone color swatch numbers. please let me know if anyone knows how to do it quicker than guessing in illustrator or photoshop. thanks! :D
Contact the site and see what they can do for you.
Have you written the admin. yet caisley? You're probably not the only one who could benefit from a conversion option.
Really great.
Best of luck to you with that.
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