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Convert "COLORlovers, and Color Image Scale" into Pantone.

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With more than 250 2'x3' landscape, oil paintings under my belt I have gotten good at working with hues of green.
However, I wanted to do something new and have come up with a nice, new technique for doing abstracts. Unfortunately my colour choices stink.
To get started, I would like to convert COLORlovers and the Color Image Scale into Pantone swatch numbers so that I will have something physical, in a size I can work with.
Many thanks in advance.


yes! i totally agree. i love love LOVE this site. it has helped me to tremendously. but there has got to be a way to convert these palettes into pantone color swatch numbers. please let me know if anyone knows how to do it quicker than guessing in illustrator or photoshop. thanks! :D


Contact the site and see what they can do for you.


Have you written the admin. yet caisley? You're probably not the only one who could benefit from a conversion option.


Best of luck to you with that.

Just Perfect Color

I suspect the problem is Pantone. A few years ago someone took the time to do a nice translation of RGB color codes to a Pantone chart and they sent a cease and desist letter and threat of a lawsuit. You have to pay for their guides to even come close to the color translation. My firm used to have near every color guide Pantone put out but I fumed at the cost and when signing the checks. We used the Munsell Color Communication products more anyhow.

I use www.easyrgb.com a great deal in my work and perhaps it will work for you. The online version is free and allows you to convert RGB codes to commercial tints like the color codes and names of major paint companies. It will even tweak your monitor color on a per visit basis although I hope you all have yours set to 6500K, the standard for color, to start.

www.easyrgb.com will also convert to some systems like the Munsell Color System which is still a more universal way of notating and communicating color than Pantone. Admittedly it is a bit more complicated and takes some getting used to though. It is very intuitive with a low learning curve though.

How Munsell Color Notation Works

Just select the RGB to Commercial Tints tab on the top of the screen. Enter the RGB code. Select a color collection for the translation and the system displays the color codes and names of the four closest matches.

Investing in a paint company fan deck for color reference, will set you back much less than any of the Pantone guides.

Obviously you will need RGB codes and if you do not have them a free pixel grabber is in your future. I use the one in ColorImpact---my fave color exploration software package--- a lot. I also have Color Cop and PicPick (just be careful not to download bloatware you do not want with either).

I have been surprisingly pleased with Exotic Colors and Color Grab and the silly camera in my Android Smartphone for starting color explorations and grabbing RGB codes from photos. Both are free applications.
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Posted 2 hours ago
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Posted 2 hours ago
Posted 3 hours ago
If I see something that is copied, I will always point it out. I can't just sit and watch it happen.

waterway wrote:
you ladies really need to chill. you realize this is the internet and everything will get copied and duplicated. A lot of people come to colourlovers to pick palettes for their visual identity projects and even home decor. I, myself have received numerous links from my clients for palettes from the web to use in their branding projects. I had my palettes set to 'allow commercial use' in my previous account because people will use these palettes anyway. If you don't want something to be copied, don't post it on the internet and really, what's the worse that can happen if a palette is copied. I don't get it.
Posted 3 hours ago
I am sorry, that you feel this is harassing you. I am not. I really have nothing more to say for this matter. You know how I feel.
helenabl wrote:
How about when you are being wrongly accused?

Just Perfect Color wrote:
"Directly copying another designer’s color scheme might be considered lazy. In some cases, it can even be considered copyright infringement. A recent case involving Seven Towns, the makers of Rubik’s Cube, versus Dayan, demonstrates that while color schemes themselves can’t be copyrighted, the order and placement of colors can be. It’s why Dayan replaced its orange with purple."

Most of the examples shown so far show colors in a different order than the original palette. While the original palette could be protected, and the creator might have a claim of infringement if it were copied exactly, once the colors are rearranged it is considered a different palette. There is no violation, at least legally. Sadly this is true no matter how obvious the similarities.

helenabl wrote:
Stop harassing me.

timanttimaarit wrote:
I got this passive aggressive message today:

A while back you accused me of copying a palette. Well I have answered you accusation. I'm here to wish you find lots of love and inspiration in your life. I have lots of both and have no need to copy anyone's work, or worse, to go around the internet accussing others without any evidence. Try using your time to study and search for reference, that's what has allowed me to make great design, which has payed all my bills for the last 15 years.

I guess she was writing about this post of mine:

timanttimaarit wrote:
Posted 4 hours ago

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