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Interesting take on movie posters

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This is interesting - taking the colors in a movie poster and reducing them to bar codes. Do they make you want to see the movie more than the actual movie poster?



Oh my! How interesting!! :D Toy Story looks most appealing at one glance, but since I like horror, I should be looking for the most dreary barcode right? :P But I don't feel like I like dreary barcodes. :(


How do they do that effect?
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Posted 6 minutes ago
falun red
falun red
Posted 26 minutes ago
Posted 2 hours ago
I "discover" a lot of colors by accident. I have no wish to claim them, i just can't post a palette or pattern without naming it. So i name it something stupid and move on. I have seen snide comments about "having an agenda" and wondered what it was about. Some people have some growing up to do. We don't "discover" colors, they have been here since time immemorial and will be here long after we're gone.
mollybermea wrote:
I will be out of town all weekend so you guys all behave and be nice pretty-please. ;)

All in all there is nothing I can legitimately do as in action about this opinion of an issue. :)

So share your thoughts but let's keep it that everyone can view this quite different from many angles. The system isn't limited to letting someone spend hours clicking through to claim colors. While that's silly... there are people who have some kind of rhyme or reason to doing this action as an actual activity here on CL. be that they feel they want to claim and own and have people ask permission to re-name a color - for some reason or another.

People are all so different in our makeup and some people choose to run their CL profile in ways to make up for things they may lack or have too much of in their real lives. I'm not saying this is wrong or out of place but eventually this conversation is just going to go round and round and round an soon enough finger stabbing and name dropping and assumptions of perceptions and tangled words.

So try to leave it fairly laid out there as a point that was simply made... :)

I / we have no power to make any changes to rules, regulations or how the site functions. :)

Have a great weekend! ~ molly
Posted 2 hours ago
On the right of any palette or pattern you make, there is a box that says "grab this badge code". Select all on that box and save it to your clipboard or to notepad. Click on their name to go to their home page, scroll to the bottom, type in a thank you comment and paste the badge code (don't try to use the buttons at the top of the text box) copy and paste your badge and click "post comment"
weeredsquirrel wrote:
when I love something a message appears in my profile from the creator. but I have no clue how they are putting the relevant palette or whatever inside that thank you message.
so this is my clueless attempt to acknowledge peops that love my creations.
Posted 7 hours ago


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