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Not sure if this belongs here but...

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I'm currently working on a sign for one of my job's clients & in the description they say that they want the sign to be "Drees Green." I call my boss to ask if that was a typo(for dress. I don't know how much sense that makes, but whatever.) Anyway, he assured me that this was it yada yada yada I figured I'd google it. Nothing. I know one of the meanings for drees is dreary, so, are they asking for a dreary green or what? They have a green on their site, but it's not very 'dreary.' Does this "Drees Green" exist?


I agree with Deanapii - it would be best to just ask your client exactly what they mean. I've never heard of "Drees Green" before either.


why not send your client here and ask him to show you the exact one.
Honestly there is no substitute for client communication.
It makes them feel important. Dont be afraid to ask for clarification this make you appear more professional than less.
Greens one of those colors that you could loath when looking at the wrong shade than what you image.


You probably already solved this, but have you ever worked with Pantone colors? It might be a name for one of those types of ink.
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Posted 12 hours ago
I guess our default strategy now is ctrl+a, ctrl+c on a comment just in case we lose it without it being posted. Last week I had to re-write a comment 3 times before I learned. :P
Posted 15 hours ago
eighteyed wrote:
My one wish through being patient while the bugs are worked out and the spammers run off is that management would make a short statement.

Posted 2 days ago
I am all for being patient while much needed changes are made to the site, but the complete absence of communication is very disturbing.
I feel it is a lack of respect towards the community to just leave us worrying and guessing every. bloody. time.

We have sat out weeks of CL not working because of DoS-Attacks, we've experienced several (for us: surprise) shut-downs as updates were implemented, we have grappled with the buggy fallout of many of these updates - and never a comment, a warning, a heads-up, an anything from anybody in charge.

Are we not worth being informed?

And now I sit and wait to see if this comment will actually be posted. I have not been able to comment anywhere, not even my own profile, for days.
Posted 2 days ago
Came back after being gone for 2 years to this disappointment, Also, once again, experienced issues with Seamless Light errors. Captchas are a pain in the butt (especially when they make you click though 3 pages of pics); however, I understand the need for them.
Posted 3 days ago
Trixxie wrote:
Have you tried another browser, like Google Chrome? I just tried Firefox and BPM (basic palette maker) worked fine and BPM also worked fine with Chrome. How about Photocopa? Have you tried making palettes that way? I'm just trying to help - I know it can be frustrating.

I understand you are. We're all frustrated. :)
I seemed able to make a basic palette in IE, but some of the pages on the site (like the homepage and login) take so long to load that they occasionally just lock up and stay blank. Other ones load quickly. I don't have Chrome on this computer, - I'd have to try it later on my laptop when I can access it.

TBH, I don't think I ever used Photocopa for my palettes. It never quite did what I wanted, and 90% of my palettes aren't based off photos.

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