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Beautiful Watercolor Illustrations of 'The Jungle Book'

Beautiful Watercolor Illustrations of 'The Jungle Book'

Rudyard Kipling's 'The Jungle Book' and his adventures character Mowgli have left an endearing impression on many people, including myself, but chances are this is due to the 1967 Disney animated version that we grew up with. In reality (and not unexpectedly), the Disney version and the original text are quite different. There's a great post that breaks down the differences between the two and it's definitely worth reading if you have an interest in learning more about both versions.

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From comic books to illustrations to animated films, Kipling's classic has been interpreted and reinterpreted by a variety of talented artists over the years. One version that caught our eye recently comes from a Russian publisher and is illustrated in watercolor by May Miturich-Khlebnikov. The illustrations are beautiful and have that warm, handcrafted feel that just makes you smile.







Interested in reading the original book? It's in the public domain and available through Project Gutenberg.

(Hat tip: Book Graphics)

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Excellent book, excellent illustrator. Ah, sweet childhood memories...
Wow those are gorgeous
The drawing take me back in my past where I love to drawing. Thank u so much. The paintings are really awesome.
Really perfect !!!
Lovely !!!

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