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Stunning, Colourful Artwork for the Office

Stunning, Colourful Artwork for the Office

This guest post is written by Alex Black. Alex writes for printing experts Print Express. In his spare time he studies graphic and web design and is learning to code.

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For most people, it’s important to stay refreshed and inspired when they work – especially for people who do creative work. When you’re in an office that’s interesting, vibrant and colourful, it’s more likely that you’ll be inspired with the creative work that you do. The opposite, of course, is true – it’s hard to be inspired when you’re in a dull, lifeless cubicle. While large corporate businesses tend to have focus on a working environment like the latter, it’s the fun small businesses and startups – and those of us lucky enough to have home offices – who are opting for more fun and colourful working environments.

The artwork that hangs on the walls of the office can have a huge impact on the atmosphere and culture of the workplace, whether it’s the slogans used (Facebook famously has posters that say “Move fast and break things”) to the more subtle, beautifully designed pieces that improve the overall aesthetics. If you’re looking to liven up your office and help inject some colourful creativity, we’re here to help give you some inspiration. This collection of colourful, beautiful office artwork is sure to make an impression.

Keep Calm and Carry On by Michael Flarup


Nonsensical Infographic by Chad Hagen


YES (You Complete the Picture) by Trey Speegle


This City Sleeps by Marc Allante


A Grand Avenue by Tim Jarosz


Real Artists Ship by Busy Building Things


Closing Credits at the End of the Movie by Hollis Brown Thornton


Too Small to Fail by Aesthetic Apparatus


The Voyage by Danny Haas


Fig. 1a by Chad Hagen


Dr Seuss Print by Kongoriver


Voyages over Edinburgh by David Fleck


Watercolor Toronto by Stamen Design


Setting Fire by Kathranne Knight


Zest by Speakerine


Rainbow Classics by Speakerine


Have you found any examples of creative, beautifully designed and colourful artwork that would look perfect on your office’s walls? Please do share in the comments.

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Great stuff! Currently embroiled in Startup Heaven/Hell, so I especially love "Too Small to Fail" :-)
great selection!
I especially love This City Sleeps by Marc Allante.. all lovely!
I love all this!
cool picture..love it..3<
Great pictures.

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