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Wes Anderson Prints

Wes Anderson Prints

Wes Anderson is known for his quirky characters and his colorful aesthetic. His films are often the subject of talented artists and designers and it's refreshing to see how the different interpretations can bring these characters to life.

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One of the more fun projects I've seen recently are these prints of original acrylic paintings by Laura Weiszer -- an illustrator, designer, and student from Philadelphia, PA. The prints are from her Etsy shop, The Wes Anderson Project.

I love these portraits because they bring a whole different kind of quirk and personality to these faces we know so well. The colors not only capture the feel of Anderson's films, but they also just look so vibrant and awesome.

One or all of these would no doubt be a great addition to any film lovers' wall. Be sure to check out Laura's shop on Etsy to see how you can get one of these sweet prints for yourself. Cheers!

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Fantastic Mr. Fox! <3
Thank you for sharing!
Glad you dig it! It was a tough decision for me between Fantastic Mr. Fox and Life Aquatic, but I just had to order Billy Murray for my office wall. :)

geeklove wrote:
Fantastic Mr. Fox! <3
Thank you for sharing!
Another blog post that could have used actual palettes...
I like the one of Luke Wilson. Really cute.
Awesome !!!

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