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Floral Trends in Decor, Design + Fashion

Floral Trends in Decor, Design + Fashion

I'm excited for the return of floral prints. From fashion to design, this print has grown back into our lives and secured a very special place in current trends. These print pieces are so simple and sweet and will definitely add extra sunshine to your home office.

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Today we are going to take a look through all the various uses of such a trend. So get your pinning buttons ready, as you are in for a treat.

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Logo design? Using Florals? You better believe it!


I love the use of watercolor + free hand floral drawing in this logo. This is one fun logo overall, and just check out how she plays with it in her branding.


Floral print in fashion is coming back fast! It is important to find those modern floral patterns as opposed to those your grandma used to own. But if you can find something vintage modern, you'll be golden in pulling off this trend.

Source: Shoes, Skirt, Outfit, Pants


I wasn't aware that the floral print trend had hit the seating market so heavily. But I stand corrected by these images that shed a whole new light on floral print seating. Which one is your favorite?


Source: Chair, Etsy

I loved this floral pattern that one blogger created.


And it looks like you all are creating your own floral patterns on COLOURlovers as well! There are pages and pages of floral patterns for you all to explore on the site.

Source: hana*, ksantipaSkyblue2u, Skyblue2u 

My challenge of the day is to create some awesome floral patterns on COLOURlovers. Once you have created something you love, comment them all below. Let's help get everyone else inspired with floral patterns too!

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Thank God for floral!
Yes, I used a floral motif in my own business logo and simply love it♥
I know right?! So brilliant and artistic all in one!

artlesliemark wrote:
Thank God for floral!
I know right?! Awesome. Would love to see it!

plumroselane wrote:
Yes, I used a floral motif in my own business logo and simply love it♥
Those floral shoes...gosh I want them sooooo bad!

I didnt creat this but I had to share. Isnt this so pretty?!

*utterly fails Will roll to avoid making palettes*
I love florals; I'm glad they've made a comeback!

The floral templates of Yoksel are really great. I just love to colour them with my palettes.
Every now and then I give it a try but i come no further than simple shapes.
Floral patterns are my favourites, and there are so many wonderful templates from incal, yoksel, sunmeadow, o2bqueen, kalindy and others.
I agree there are a lot of beautiful floral templates made by many very skilled colourlovers.So many i don't know what to chose first.
I also love floral pattern! It's so lovely >_<
love all of them so much

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