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Amp Up Your Brand With Color

Amp Up Your Brand With Color

Want your brand to be fun, recognizable and creative? Designing a suite of colorfully creative branding allows you get playful and fun with your consumers and give them something different.

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You don't see a prism of colors adorning branding items of most products and websites. The normal approach is to stick to a 3-5 color palette which with to design everything from. These examples go outside the box a bit and use the entire rainbow in their designs.





This is the current branding of Cheer. I have to say I am really enjoying it. Between the color blocking and the geometric designs, they are really hitting current trends right on the nail with this one.


Source: Business Cards, Books

This polaroid branding from 1960. I love the retro look of this piece and the colors they chose to represent their brand.


These examples of colorful branding are fun ways to make your brand a little more playful than it might be right now. Adding some color can be a daunting task (afterall there are SO many choices) but once you find the perfect combo that communicates your brand, it'll do wonders for you.

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wow very useful content I love it! Thank you for sharing!
The retro box of POLAROID box is like piece of antique art work that brings you back to time that colors meant something else than what we see now. Great post
LOVE the logo for the TV editor. Very creative :)
OMG I love how they look!
Though I can guess why brands don't go with so many colors. I mean, if you say red, you think Coca-Cola, right? Something symbolic always helps to sell the product.

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