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A Colorful & Tactile Magazine Cover for a True Hands-on Experience

A Colorful & Tactile Magazine Cover for a True Hands-on Experience

Can you remember a time when people used to write letters—by hand! Or, read books made of paper, glue and ink? As our increasingly digital world seems to be moving farther and farther away from traditional print media, companies like Paperlux step in to remind us that nothing can replace the touch, smell, weight, and color of a real hold-it-in-your-hands magazine.

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When the graphic design magazine Novum commissioned Paperlux to come up with an innovative magazine cover, the creative juices kicked into overdrive and the result is truly something spectacular to see and feel.

Paperlux, a design studio based in Hamburg, Germany, was seeking a way to focus on the palpable nature of paper. The result was a very tactile approach as a way to draw people to a colorful product sporting a geometric design that makes you ache to just reach out and feel it for yourself.

Geodesic sphere at Epcot Center in Walt Disney World (left - source)

The design was fashioned after what is called a geodesic dome (source). Although the magazine represents a much flatter version of the dome, it still has the texture and look of the real thing.

The magazine’s unique and colorful design incorporates 140 die cuts that permit the user to bend it in any direction.

Richard Buckminster (source | source)

The designers were inspired by Richard Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller—a colorful character who loved a challenge and pushed the limits on every project he undertook.

The 15,000 covers that were produced had to be meticulously die-cut, a process which was supervised by the designers themselves to ensure accuracy.

Dubbing it their “passion project,” Paperlux took the extra cost upon themselves because they really felt like they could make a strong point. They wanted to remind people why the digital world can never totally replace real world print media. Print media has substance; it not only can be seen in all its colorful glory, but it can be felt with your hands and internalized in a more personal manner.

Print media still has its place in the publishing industry, because it does something that digital media fails to do—it has the potential to engage all five senses at the same time, thereby leaving a lasting impression. So, next time you are looking for a way to market yourself or your business, don’t underestimate the power of print media.

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Nie Niez 1702

Is This A Game Or Just A Articles?


It is simply an article about the design of this fantastic magazine cover. Pretty crazy huh?

Nie Niez 1702 wrote:
Is This A Game Or Just A Articles?

Nie Niez 1702

mollybermea wrote:
It is simply an article about the design of this fantastic magazine cover. Pretty crazy huh?

Nie Niez 1702 wrote:
Is This A Game Or Just A Articles?

Yeap! Crazy... ... I Wonder Can I Get This Magazine In My Country? Hmmm
One Day I When To A Book Store Around My Area And I Saw Like This Of Magazine But Can Not Do Like This Type Of Things, The Colour Combination Make My Eyes Bigger~


This is brilliant! Love the concept and the execution, and the video is a must-see for those who usually skip the multimedia.

Thank you so much for showcasing this, Robyn! You made my day. :)


Yes, brilliant idea! Love it!
Me too I want one! =P

Description at Vimeo says
See more at http://www.paperlux.com
If you would like an issue, but cannot find it in a store near you:
ISBN 978-3-8307-X014-9

Thanks for shareing!


The development of the basic idea of the wonderful .. your use of the additional materials for the cover of the magazine to give a new idea to take advantage of the time in meditation in a new topic du three dimensions in a different way, but I hope to be environmentally friendly materials ... Do you imagined it forms a vital ability to move fun ... Good luck can not believe what I see very interesting


I absolutely LOVE the fact that they were inspired by and gave credit to Bucky, unlike Disney's Epcot Center. Way to go, thank you for this creation! <3


@Tzadkiel beautiful palettes! I was hoping some COLOURlovers would do that. ;)


Thank you for all the nice comments everyone!

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