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Cecelia's 'Flowers'

Cecelia's 'Flowers'

"It was really an accident," Cecelia Webber admits in an interview with Modern Luxury, "I shot a nude figure against a black background and thought it looked so much like a petal I just went with it."  And thus started her journey as a professional artist in hopes of dispelling much of the world's view of nudity as either "something erotic or disgusting," as she puts it.

Her work consists of only the naked human body, often her own, photographed in the most peculiar of positions then painstakingly overlaid using Photoshop to form the familiar shapes of petals, stamen and stem. So familiar the shapes are and so acutely formed that at first glance it is hard to tell that you're looking at naked people. Lastly, but always first in our book, she saturates the forms with stunning color. Her work pays great homage to nature: the beauty of the human figure and the shapes and colors that connect all living things.

Orange_Flower Cecelias_Flowers

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Wow Cecelia! That is stunning!!!! I would love to see this as an apparel print!! So creative, well done! j*
The flowers are stunning - unique and beautiful. And the colors - fantastic. Great article.
OH! who would wonder there r bodys!? wow! Congrats ! amazing details and colors!!! Love it!
this article is very inspiring ! thanks for sharing, great job !
These are fantastic.
Stunning....absolutely wonderful

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