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Ultra-Chromatic Photography

Ultra-Chromatic Photography

More than just technicolor, this stuff is atomic. It's so exuberant and fresh, I can barely contain myself!

While I haven't managed to sell this photo styling to a client so far, I think it has a variety of uses. Such brilliantly color photos can show energy, drama, sophistication, a science/tech-y feel, or even if used with a lot of white, a corporate feel. Not to mention the techniques and manipulation behind achieving such intense color requires an expert hand in Photoshop.

Cooler still, the above portraits are snapped with a specially-built 1970s Polaroid aura camera, as an attempt to record what a psychic might see. Yep, these came from a Polaroid. Still skeptical? There's a ton more images, rationale, and information on The Portrait Machine Project site.

Images via Today and Tomorrow, Matthias Heiderich, Etienne Despois, and Jordan Sach.

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Wow, these are amazing! I really love photography, but not a professional yet! =P
These are gorgeous! I love vibrant colors.
Wow sick!! I'll have to check out those special polaroids! Thank you for sharing all of these!!
Gorgeous! I love the one of the couple on the sidewalk.
The first picture is really cool.
Magical Colour!!! Awesoooomeee!!!
love it.
Cool pictures.

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