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A Big List Of Coloring Books For Adults
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These are fabulous. I want one!


'the indie coloring book' definitely caught my eye.
coloring books are the bee's knees. :P


cool! I've seen a few of these before :)

(you can buy at least 3 of them at urbanoutfitters.com)



There are also illuminated manuscripts, medieval designs, celtic, and crop circle selections (that I (still) enjoy immensely) available. Coloring rocks! Thanks for all the interesting suggestions.


Not gonna lie, I still colour in colouring books, adult or not, ahaha - at least when I colour in adult ones I don't get as many looks lol


Some of those are fabulous. How fun.


I actually have the kaleidoscope designs and the optical illusions books, haha. They are incredibly fun to color ^^. Though, I also still have the kids ones.... apparently I really enjoy coloring Care Bears as well, lol.


I love coloring books. Maybe I should make one. lol


Hey yea! How about a CL Coloring Book!

Just Perfect Color

I kove this post. There is one important missing. Harley Davidson put out one that I consider an adult coloring book. It was back when it was shifting its image to what it is now. You would probably have to write the PR department but they must have boxes still hidden in the basement. The woman in near Victorian dress riding gracefully on an antique Harley is classic in so many ways.

Needless to say, the HD coloring book was less than a smashing success. It has fun puzzles in it too though. Get the Hog through the maze and all that.


The Indie Rock Colouring Book!

Want :)


I'm 35 and I love colouring in. It's so nice to be able to say that in public without a small child to hide behind.

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