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Vintage Color & Design: Circus Posters

Vintage Color & Design: Circus Posters

Bizarre, Colorful, Surreal, and Beautiful! From the turn of the 20th century comes inspiration from bygone days. Here are some rare circus posters from the U.S. Library of Congress (you have to search for 'circus posters' if you want to see the collection). To see more circus posters check out this other collections here.

calliope WildWheelWhirlWonder

Cirque_DHiver Buffalo_Bills_W.W.

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Loved this post! Thanks potota, the museum is really great too.


Those posters are cool in retrospect, but by modern standards they're way too creepy for my tastes.


I am such a fan of vintage design, i love the bold use of colours and Victorian fonts, its great to see we are reverting back to this style of advertising, make us remember the good times of design and the economy before the credit crunch!,

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