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Vintage Color & Design: Retrofuture Illustrations

Vintage Color & Design: Retrofuture Illustrations

Today's color inspiration comes from distant galaxies and a future filled with space travel and exploration. these classic retrofutre illustrations were created by Steven Thomas, Klaus Bürgle, Kurt Röschl, Eberhard Binder-Staßfurt, H.u.B. von Römer, Günter Radtke, Helmuth Ellgaard and Heinz Hähnel. You can explore more of their work at retro-futurismus.de and stevethomasart.com.

Klaus_Bürgle_habita Klaus_Bürgle_orb

S._Thomas_Mars S._Thomas_Europa_Air

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Definitely my favorite post ever.


Thanks for the inspiration :)


Wow, if only we thought like this today. This stuff is positively inspiring! I think the Neptune cruise on is my favorite. A very clever post and most intriguing! I want to do a poster like this now!


That would be a nice futture =)


I wish this was what all illustration looked like.

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