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Vintage Color & Design: 50's Tourism Brochures

Vintage Color & Design: 50's Tourism Brochures

Here's some color inspiration by way of Florida tourism brochures from the 1950's. This great collection was put together by newhousedesign and can be found here on flickr.



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I adore this (living in Florida!)...I did a series on the old fruit and vegetable labels of about the same time.
i like these a lot. really cool.
my dad has a key from some motel in san francisco from the 50s or 60s, and it's got that same kind of cursive. it's great stuff this stuff. ^^ thanks for making a post about it!
what a fun post. i really want to see the water skiing elephant! and the weeki wachee spring of the mermaids!
you inspired me. :)
Who these could inspire my lamps.
very cool !! :D
love your vintage posts
This is just great! I am just about to design a website for my fathers jukebox bussiness so this will be very inspiring! =)


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