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The Colors of Steven Meisel’s Vogue Patterns

The Colors of Steven Meisel’s Vogue Patterns

*editor's note 7/12/2011 | We didn't include the name or any information about the stylist involved in this shoot, Edward Enninful, who rightfully deserves much credit. Thanks to COLOURlover LIZAR for setting us straight. The original article is still below.

Last year, Vogue Italy asked Steve Meisel, known for his work with both U.S. and Italian Vogue and his collaboration with Madonna in "sex," to do something crazy. I don't know if that was the actual art direction but from the results of the shoot it very well could have been. The idiosyncrasies of Meisel created a complete sensory overload: overlapping colors and patterns scattered randomly across the frame pulled together by models sprawled across wearing similar or complimentary patterns to those underneath them, giving the appearance that they too, are a part of the aberrant fashion quilt. And within these seas of color there are a great number of palette possibilities.

vogue pattern 1vogue_patterns02.jpg
vogue pattern 2


vogue pattern 3vogue_patterns04.jpg
vogue pattern 4


vogue pattern 5vogue_patterns06.jpg
vogue pattern 6

vogue pattern 7vogue_patterns08.jpg
vogue pattern 8


vogue pattern 9vogue_patterns10.jpg
vogue pattern 10






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MY BRAIN! wow, these are really cool...


Woah, it's like they're chameleons. Cool!

sinta schneider

e y e g a s m s...

and look at your fancy widths :)


Truly amazing pictures!


Has the U.S. Army seen these?


Beautiful! It's cool how the body art helps them blend in even more. I love fashion photography :D


P L E A S E!!!

It's not Steven Meisel for God sake that created this shoot. It was the Vogue stylist and fantastic arty creator Edward Enninful.
Meisel photographed it, but he is not the one behind this fashion story.
People seem to think so because it's often only the photographer who get credits for a shoot like this. In this blogg for example, the creator is not even mentioned. Sometimes blogg writes the name of the participating models too, but too seldom the stylist. It give people the impression that it is the photographer behind the idea, the style and everything. It's not.


@LIZAR you're right. thanks for giving credit where credit is due.

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