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Thanks again, Pam! <3<3. (:
Kevan Hoff wrote:
you're welcome; glad to follow you, and you do a great job creating palettes and patterns. which of my patterns do u like best so far & why?

Wow, Kevan - it's hard to pick just a few patterns since you have so many very nice ones! But since you asked, I picked out four for you. I'm very flattered that you asked me and I hope I do your question justice!
Vector Patterns by COLOURlovers
This one reaches out to me with the complimentary colors you've used. They are all neon and "jump" off the page. Patterns are also ultimately affected by the template, and this one was created by dukecolor47, who is a very good template maker.
Vector Patterns by COLOURlovers
You have an intricate combination of colors on this one, which lead the viewer's eyes deeper into the pattern. Choosing a bright, deep color where square borders stand out helping the viewer to feel the center, which has a great contrast in color and shape.
Vector Patterns by COLOURlovers
This pattern feels quite accurate in terms of what a telescope would see. My suggestion here is that space objects exist in varying states of brightness. For example, this pattern would come alive if you chose at least one color to be bright, for instance the "rowan" color could have a stronger, brighter yellow color, bringing it out from the rest.
Vector Patterns by COLOURlovers
This is my FAVORITE so far. Your colors are vibrant and complimentary, making a strong, dynamic pattern that flows and yet stays nicely organized. It has a kind of a "quilted" look, keeping it soft, but also a satin look which gives it strength. This one is special! The template maker on this is "eighteyed", who is a fantastic template maker!

I hope there is something helpful in my words. Remember, this is just one person's opinion!! Pam (TongrenGirl)
Hey, Pam! Thanks for the loves and faves! Hope your day is beautiful.
It's gorgeous here..... :D
Thanks for the avalanche of loves and faves, Pam!! Big Hugs, Sue (:
Thank YOU for the love, Pam.....Hugs!
We've been closing down our front porch this week. Feeding the birds has become a very
dirty business! Today the deck got bleached. Looks sooooo much better now.
I was about to lose my mind over the mess all the birds made. (not to mention the ugly wetness from our constant rains) Ha, and, guess what it's doing right this very minute? Yup, raining.....UGH.
I sure do hope your weather has been sweeter than here.
Anyway, sorry for my lapse in replying to you.
I'm finding that my desire to tinker here, is in direct relationship to the cooperation of the Seamless lite.
Have a wonderful holiday. Love, Sue
thanks a lot, Pam : )
Tysm! :)
you're welcome; glad to follow you, and you do a great job creating palettes and patterns. which of my patterns do u like best so far & why?
Tysm! :)
Thank you for loving, Pam!
Have a restful night and a great tomorrow! HUGS.....Sue. (:

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