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Tell me about yourself! (And your interior painting experiences)

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Hi Colourlovers!

I've been checking out this site, and as an artist, I must tell you it was a great find.

I'm currently going to school at University of Virginia and working on an advertising project revolving around interior paint.

If you have a moment to help me out, I'd love to hear about your experiences with painting, such things like:

How often you paint a room
What inspires or motivates you to decide to paint
Where you go to buy paint
How important is paint quality or price
Your favorite part of painting a room

A little blurb about yourself would be helpful too. Plus it would be a great way to get to know fellow colourlovers. :)


Welcome to CL! (I'm new too)

I enjoy everything about painting except picking colors (takes me forever to choose). I find it very "zen" and seeing the difference it makes to an area firsthand is hard to put in a word other than gratifying.


Really worth to be in colourlovers.
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