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me & my sisters new room NEED HELP WITH COLOUR PLZ!!!

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rite so basically me & my sis will b moving into a room together soon and need help with a colour sceme,basically we r gunna have a feature wall tht will b a light wall paper design of birds and birds cages from wilkisons(look if u dont understand wat im tryin 2 explain)and wer gunna hav duck egg blue walls but may change our minds i love electric blue n red n also sapphire my sis <3 light green(i really dont want it) but we cant hav bright/dark walls coz the room will b way 2 dark!PLEASE HELP!!


Your idea of the bird and birdcage wallpaper sounds lovely for your bedroom to share with your sister. I'm not sure what size of a window you have in the room but if it is on the north or east side you may need to keep the other walls lighter in colour and use an eggshell finish. Since the wallpaper is your inspiration piece and I can't see the colours, you should try to match colours if you can from the paper. Duck blue could be used in the curtains, and shams/ cushions, if it's too dark to use as the wall colour. White or cream can be used on the trim but check your wallpaper colours. Why not purchase a vintage bird cage and paint it out in your electric blue or red to add some fun. I'm sure it will all come together nicely. Ask for some final advice before you buy the paint and perhaps get a sample first to try on the wall or a large paint sample. Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paints have these. I wish you lots of fun with your project!



thx! this is gr8 help! :D


You're welcome bettythegeordie!! Let me know how it goes and what you end up doing in with your bedrroom, love to hear all about it.
bettythegeordie wrote:
thx! this is gr8 help! :D


Very helpful site for those who needs help with the colors.


Hope everything went well! Darkness wouldn't necessarily be an issue; it depends on your windows and lighting too.
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