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Kitchen Makeover

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I'm transforming my kitchen from red walls and oak cabinets to a neutral palette that will be a good backdrop for my multi-colored fiestaware. My dining room is painted an orangish tan. Ideas on colors for the cabinets and walls?


I just finished my kitchen painting and I used a mushroom color for my cabinets, tan walls, ivory and black trim. It's beautiful! The black is used on the hardware, cabinet crown molding , chair rail and and the window facings. Ivory is the windows and door trim. It's a very nice blend and the black looks great!

Aron8100 wrote:
The design of your kitchen can say a lot about you. Color schemes are essential things for giving your kitchen a face-lift, they are also a key element of remodeling your kitchen. You should try to find out reasonable and novel techniques to use a particular color scheme.


Love the color black too.
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