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Single bedroom

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Need ideas please,
Will be studying in room / Inviting friends over,

Room has:
Permanent Grey Carpet
A White mold bottom,
yellow middle,
White mold top,
and White walls.


not to hurt in saying " yuck gray carpet =D" so I started with what is permanent, working from the bottom and working up . . .
Wainscot Base: Blue_Stone"
Base Pattern: Study_Chamber 02 Base Pattern: Study_Shadow
Walls & Window Trim: duck_egg_blue
Note: opposite of the Wall with Bed above Wainscot Trim 2 Walls evenly spaced 18in square grayscale or sepia tone photos on canvas
Ceiling & Drapes: soft_breeze
*also Sheets, Accent Pillows . . .
Accent Pillow: Botanist_of_Flowers
Quilt: frog_belly_yellow


Love all the shades of blue.


Some light blue or green would fit in nicely with the room you detailed.

Just Perfect Color

With a nice neutral gray, and assuming you can keep it clean (gray tends to show dirt) you can put almost anything with it. Many art galleries use grays for walls because the colors in art displayed really pop and the walls do not compete with it. If you do not like it, but are stuck with it, I would not put other shades or tints of gray with it as they will only bring more attention to it.

What are your plans for lighting in the room? Especially with neutral grays, the color temperature of the light may shift the way the way the color you pick for the room looks---especially with low color rendering index (CRI) bulbs. You cannot really choose colors for a room until you consider the light source(s).

As a reference point, incandescent bulbs have a color temperature of around 2600K (kelvin units are the measurement for color temperature) and the daylight range starts around 5000K. Those of us who work with color have our monitors set to 6500K and we have lights to look at things under them at that temperature and with near perfect CRI.

This example is exaggerated with lighting shown having zilch CRI but it gives you the idea.

Courtesy of Delightning.com

The CRI scale is 0-100 and oranges will look most like oranges and apples most like apples with CRIs above 90 and as close to 100 as you can get.

Incandescent bulbs give off a warm glow as you look at them but also have CRIs of near 100 so colors under them are true. They are being phased out. Most bargain compact florescent bulbs have terrible CRIs around 80 or even lower and give off that eery sort of glow that makes people look like space aliens in photos. There are nice daylight, full spectrum CFLs with CRIs of 95 or more but they are a bit more expensive. The are better made and will last longer though. The situation with LEDs and OLEDs is similar. Quality bulbs will show the CRI; cheaper ones will not hoping you will not think about it. More than you wanted to know, I'm sure.

Of course you do not want to go too dark if you are going to study in the room unless you have enough light to compensate. It will make it hard to read and concentrate, strain your eyes, and give you headaches. Lumens are the measurement for the amount of light you have and this too will be marked on quality light bulbs.

Just Perfect Color

I took a shot at color balancing your photo. Is this closer to what you have? My monitor was displaying sort of a yellow-green cast to your photo.


The original color and gold color is very suitable for furniture products

Just Perfect Color

furniture34 - Please stop spamming this site!!!!
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