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Any ideas? :)

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I will move soon and I would like to change my room. The bedspread will be black and white, and the curtains, the cushions and the rug will be red.
But i'm not sure for the walls color! I thought painting the walls this colour, but I really hesitate. And I don't know if I should paint all the walls the same color.

If you have any colour ideas, it will be really appreciated!


My mind first went to a warm cream, kind of like what you described. However, another direction you could go is light blues.

I threw together this palette to show you what I mean.

I don't know if this would come off too "cold" - I think it would work if your furnishings are modern. I don't think it would work with traditional pieces.


The Love Shack =D to start a pink, yes a soft almost white pink
Walls: d-girrl • Trim: white or Walls: diving apparatus
Accent Wall/Bed: groundnut with mix of colours stenciling
Vector Patterns by COLOURlovers Love_Blackboard
Pillows: my fave in pattern fabrics


Thanks for your answers ! I love the light pink idea.. I'm going to think about it :)


You should post pics of the finished product.


Love the color pink too.


LOVIN that Love Scrolling Wall!
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