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Creative colors for craft room?

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Hello :)

What do you think, is the perfect colors for a craft room?


Depends on several things. How bright is the room? If it is a bright room, your options are more. It also depends on how big your room is, the flooring, your craft supplies and furniture. If your crafts are colorful, go with a neutral or even white so the display and the supplies pop against the wall color. .


Creativity Colours that snaps in my vision is Nautical_Flags
Wall: Yellow_Linen
Wall Tile: Mosaic_Craft
Cabinetry: Aqua_White
Counter-top: yacht_club_blue
Floor: Five_Dime_Vestibul
Yester-Year Hexagon Tiled Floor
* this hexagon tile would be used as boarder
Chose a pattern with 1" hexie tiles:
about 2-3 feet around the room
24" square tiles inner floor
24" square 1" hexie tiles pattern

Screen: Frost_Glass


Any combination of warm, bright, or sunny colors. How about gold, green and beige?
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