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Palette Fabric

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Has anyone here order fabric with a palette print from Spoonflower? If so, how true were the colors on the fabric to the actual palette? Also, what is the material of the fabric that you purchased?
I am interested in making some washable throw-pillow covers with fabrics imprinted with a couple of my palettes and I am considering ordering the fabrics in either the cotton silk or upholstery twill.
If anyone has any suggestions for this project, please let me know.


I have ordered fabric from Spoonflower to test the end use results for my job at www.cushionsource.com and I loved the Cotton silk for pillows and the upholstery twill for cushions. I haven't ordered anything yet from Colourlovers, but I will. Just busy.... You can purchase a swatch or a fat quarter for a nominal fee to check color match. It's a fun project, just do it and start small.


ooh that sounds lovely!

Just Perfect Color

I believe Spoonflower will let you order an output square to test color for chump change? I know its competitors will.
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