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Ideas for a toddler girls room?

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Please help us choose the colours for our crazy little girl.
It's a northern room and doesn't get mutch daylight.


Try this one
Very left on walls - it will be soothing and will make room cozy. More saturated colours are good for details - carpet, toys, frames etc. to bring there more energy and life.


Light, bright, sunny colors can make a dim room more cheerful.


Not much daylight? So bright / light colours
Also are to for stereotypes? pink for girl and blue for boys?
It's said that baby's eyes don't distinguish colours very well at first, so I'd go for bright flashy happy colours

Something like
or primary colours with a play on white for the feel...

Check out those proposed here
Search baby room palettes



or lighten these colors up a bit by adding lots of white:


bunigrl33 wrote:
Light, bright, sunny colors can make a dim room more cheerful.
Like this combination. certainly brings a soft and comforting spirit to a room!!


the first thing that occured to me was pastel orange/coral/salmon/pink tones. Or yellow. Or aqua. You want to keep it light if it doesn't get much sun - might sound boring but you could just go with white walls and bring brighter colours in with decorating, such as toys, throw rugs, etc. Maybe you could paint a mural on her wall and make that the accent - would look great against white.


It may use some orange color or some similar warm color


Girlie Tot Siesta in a N. Room
Damask could be a good pattern to put on walls of northern room
Walls: tin
Pattern: siesta blue
Wall Technique: Lassie_and_Lace
Damask is girlie in any colour
Carpet & Drapes: siesta_blue
Steets: Sleeping_Lady_Bug
Quilt: girl_green
Accent Pillows: Covering_Butterflies
Accent Pillows: Girlie_Plaid
1 Accent Pillow: Lazy_Lady
. . .thought I don't fave wicker furniture for myself it could be sweet for little girl and keep until she is a teen
Wicker Furniture: white.


Walls: greening_on_yellow
Wall Technique: Leaf_Around
Carpet: greens_on_the_hole
Accent Wall: raisin
Accent Wall Tex: Raisin_Leaf_Around
Accent Wall with a large Flower & Leaf Shape Headboard: Girlie
Sheet & Pillows: Sleep_on_Beans
Quilt & Pillows: greens_on_the_hole
Bed-Skirting: Flower_Bed


Very colorful and playful. Use these colors on a feature wall in varied widths of horizontal stripes!


I think this palette would make the room look cute for your little girl. You can ignore the dark if you think it'll make the room look too dark.

Option 1: Have the walls painted yellow. Pink can be used for bed/curtains anything else in the room.

Option 2: Have the walls painted pink. Yellow can be used for the bed/curtains/ anything else.

Option 3: Paint the bottom half of the room pink and the top half yellow (or vice versa). The borders of the room can be a darker/lighter shade of pink or yellow. (depending on your preference)

This is how the bedroom would look if you used this palette (more or less): http://cdn.decorpad.com/photos/2011/11/08/a1a0c2edb826.jpg



Colorful and playful.
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