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Metal artifice: Dazzling age, soft time

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Metal products are closely related to the household life, they have been broadly used in our daily life, except for daily needs, it has ornamental functions, the following will be an introduction to some iron-made ornaments and household iron.
Iron craft sets foot in architecture and decorative materials because of its own tenacity, weather-proofness, anti-ageing and antipesticide, which is incomparable by other materials. One of the conspicuous characteristics is that most products are composed of iron stripes and iron supporters, in other words, all of the iron craft ornaments show a transparent feeling. This is one of the artistic features.
In soft family decoration, iron craft plays an irreplaceable role, displays the pluralistic style in home decoration. It is ancient and simple, paying equal attention to gentleness and strength. It appeals to your sense and is used by more and more families, including metal candle holder, metal lantern, Photo frame, metal wall art decor, metal wire card holder, garden stake, plant holder, outdoor bird feeder, metal wire storage basket, shower caddy, metal frame mirror, metal clock, metal coffee table, tray table. These are all good options in soft home decoration and household life.
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Company:Ningbo Bolder Home Decor Co.,Ltd
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