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Artful Garden Decor

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The items in the gardens are usually made of wood, iron and pottery. However, no matter what kind of material those items are made of, they are unable to last very long under the wind and rain in nature. It’s a law that wood will have cracks and rot, that iron will rust away, and that the pottery will be weathered and break. So, there is a lot extra work to do for those who want their items in the garden to last for over a decade or even decades. It’s sure that one can put the items under the eaves, tables and other places that will not be directly exposed to sun and rain to extend their service life .
Garden Decor
But on the other hand, the items in gardens are full of life when they begin to appear dilapidated. When there are layers of moss and rust gradually spreading to the whole item, the unique charm brought by time is incomparable and peerless. So leave those items where they are in the garden and let them become what they will become with time goes by.
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