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Metal Home Decoration

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Compared with traditional home furnishings, iron furniture is competitive in terms of appearance appreciation as well as functional practicality. In particular, the modern sophisticated technology has not only made iron products no longer heavy but also brought longer service life.
Iron furniture is highly personalized with bright lines and can be applied to many parts of home decoration. Chinese and European styles are currently popular styles of iron ornaments. The European-style ironwork boasts fine process, gives priority to retro elements, and shows the simple and elegant style; the Chinese-style ironwork boasts dim color but is practical and lays more stress on the roughness of iron art.
Rich layer display and unique style design of ironwork can add radiance to space design and layer with vivid, lively and elegant effects. Besides, it can match with various kinds of home decoration styles.
If the iron color is not bright, there is the sense of indifference and heaviness. People can choose fewer iron ornaments as well as use the warm tone. For example, people can use some bright warm tones to decorate the room with iron ornaments. Then the heavy and cold feeling of iron is gone.
For iron art, rust prevention is crucial.
Metal furniture should be away from places where they may be cut or moisturized but kept in a cool and well-ventilated place to avoid rust.
The “No.1 killer” of ironwork is the acid and alkali which can corrode ironwork. If acid (such as vitriol, vinegar) and alkali (such as methane, suds, soda water) are on the ironwork furniture by accident, people should not clean it with clear water but wipe it dry with dry cotton cloth. If there is dust, the best choice is cotton knitwear as the duster cloth to wipe the surface of the ironwork furniture. For dust in the depression and embossed decoration of the furniture, it’s better to use the soft wool brush instead of the stiff brush.
Iron ornaments should be placed away from direct sunlight. If they are exposed to sunlight over a long time, the paint color will change and the painted layer will crack and peel off, and the metal will go through oxidative deterioration. If there is rust, do not use sandpaper for polishing randomly. If rusty spots are small and shallow, dip cotton yarn in engine oil and smear it onto the rust. Wait for a while and wipe off the rust with cloth.
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