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Home Decor Trends: Moroccan Pattern Stencil Wall Tutorial

Home Decor Trends: Moroccan Pattern Stencil Wall Tutorial

Stenciled walls are becoming quite the trend right now. And for good reason, it adds an awesome pop to the  room.  I have been dying to stencil a wall for a while now, the problem is, the process looks very daunting and frankly, a little tedious. Finally, I decided to go for it and stencil the main wall in my living room to give the rather drab room, a big pop.

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Source: 1, 2, 3, 4

After looking through tons of color palettes and patterns, I set out to find the perfect gray and decided on a Moroccan pattern similar to the bedroom below. I bought the "Wall Stencil Marrakech Trellis" from CuttingEdgeStencils for about $50.

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Interior Paint Palettes We Love

Interior Paint Palettes We Love

Recently, we spent some time reflecting over some beautiful home decor images in order to curate these ten beautiful palettes from the Martha Stewart paint line in a collaborative project titled, "Paint Palettes We Love."

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Peruse these lovely combinations and fancy what your space might become, reinvented with fantastically bold or mellow combinations that might pull your imagination strings. One thing I adore about Martha's paint line is that her and Kevin Sharkey dig in to their memories and whims when building a collection of color around them. You can literally see these things in the names of the paints themselves.

Inspiration: A Sunny & Sweet Flower Arrangement


This sunny flower arrangement was procured from the sweet tooth of Kevin Sharkey. A few of his favorite sweets happen to be lemon drops and raspberry rock candy.

"Consider things that never fail to make you happy -- a box of pastel crayons, macaroons from Paris, a beloved artist's paintings -- and make note of their colors. Then bring the palette to life by plucking it from nature: Arrange flowers, leaves, branches, fruits, or vegetables in the shades of your passions." - how kevin creates

We took this arrangement and furthered its use by adding a wonderful palette drawing from the strongest points, which could be a great base for an entire room.

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Brightening Up Your Spaces with the Latest in Lighting Trends

Brightening Up Your Spaces with the Latest in Lighting Trends

Lighting a space can make a significant impact on the emotional palette. From the design of a lighting fixture to how it radiates in a space can make or break the entire theme.

This article is presented by LBC Lighting offering you the easiest and most convenient way to purchase contemporary lighting including Juno Lighting for your home or business.

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There are a myriad concepts being done with lighting, from astonishing buys and extraordinary DIYs, everyone’s got a bug to be the most unique.

Beaded Chandeliers

Beaded chandeliers are becoming quite a popular trend. This style can encompass beads or discs made from many different types of materials such as glass, shell or metal and of course plastic or ceramic.

turquoise beaded | black metal discs | bone-colored beaded |  green DIY beaded

It seems that while manufacturers came out with these gorgeous pieces more prominently in early 2011, the DIY crowd is just starting to pick up on producing them in a variety of fashion. If you'll notice, the bottom row in the image above are similar lighting fixtures. On the left is the Malibu Chandelier by manufacturer Serena & Lily while on the right, the DIY blog, SimplySalvage.com decided to make their own version of it. I think they pulled it off pretty well.

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Home Decor Trends That Will Lead 2012 By Storm: Part 1

Home Decor Trends That Will Lead 2012 By Storm: Part 1

Home decor has become quite a happening thing that can encompass your whim and personality more and more. It is more widely accepted to make your space a unique one instead of trying to keep up with the Jones'. Let's take a look at what trends became red hot in 2011 and are sure to become more so as 2012 launches off.

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Owls & Birds

The owl is a decor trend that has been there all along in some shape or form since the 1900's. Through taxidermy, design inlay on a leather piece or stitched in to a hanky, these mysterious night creatures have been a part of our culture as a piece of interest for a very long time. I remember my grandmother had a macramé owl in her indoor greenhouse when I was a child and other various owl decor in a very 1970's fashion.

green ceramic | white ceramic | tan ceramic | stonewarewooden | pillow with print | dish set  | pillow screen print  | coastersceramic wall hook | calendar

The recent trend of owls from about 2009 through the present has definitely picked up on a new level of design playing off of vintage styles with a modern day twist that makes them not so tasteless, but fascinating and simply adorable from everything home decor, holiday ornaments, fashion and party decor. People can't seem to get enough owl.

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Wreath the Holiday Season in Colors Galor

Wreath the Holiday Season in Colors Galor

More than just a decorative touch, wreaths have existed since the times of the ancient Romans. Before Christianity, pagan rituals of mid-winter often featured a wreath of evergreen with four candles.

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The candles were placed in each of the four directions, representing the elements of Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire. Rituals were performed to ensure the continuance of the circle of life.

Elements (TraditionalGerman Advent used for representation)

Some Christians use this idea also. The four candles represent the advent of Christmas and the hope of returning light in the Spring.

Laurel Wreath Crown (Victor) | Gold Wreath Crown (Gold Olive Leaf Crown) | Olympic Gold Medal (1996 Olympic Games

In ancient Greece, olive wreath crowns were awarded to victors in the original Olympic Games. Today, modern Olympic medals often bear the same olive wreath image. These wreaths stood for Victory over challenges.

Poinsetta ( Red and Gold) | Beautiful Nature (Magnolia) | Inspired Nature (Design) | Eucalyptus Love (Sage and Red)

The Christmas wreath has much symbolism attached to it. The shape of the circle has no beginning and no end. This circle could mean the eternal nature of God’s love or the Circle of Life. The use of Evergreen branches suggests victory of life through darkness and challenge. Think of the Greek Victors Crown. Think of the hope that light will come back to the world with the advent of Spring.

Square Wreath (Regal Fruit Sunburst) | Mixed Greenery Wreath (Silver Bird) | Berry and Greenery Wreath (Very Berry Square) | Succulent Wreath (Rich Texture)
Square wreaths are gaining in popularity—perhaps non-traditional, but just as exquisite.
Vintage Christmas Ornament Wreath (Beautiful Handmade) | Grinch Ornament Wreath (Grinch) | Oval Ornament Wreath (Metal Funky Stocking) | Silver and Teal Ornament Wreath (Bubbly Holiday Cheer) | Pink, Blue, Lime Green Ornament Wreath (Festive Deco Mesh)

Color and texture are vividly portrayed in these gorgeous ornament wreaths. They domonstrate how wreaths can be meaningful or just plain fun.

Coffee Filter Wreath (Coffee Filter DIY) | Burlap Wreath (Burlap DIY) | Candy Wreath (Candy DIY) | Newpaper & Sweater Wreaths (Upcycled Christmas) | Grapevine (Grapevine Pepperberry) | Tulle Wreath (Tulle)

How did we come to hang wreaths on our doors? Decorative wreaths using different floral arrangements were used anciently to identify different families and houses. Whereas today we use house numbers.

Cardboard or Foamboard (Cardboard) | Newspaper (Newspaper and Tape) | Straw or Long Grass (Save On Crafts) | Styrofoam (Save on Crafts) | Foam Pipe Insulation and Packing Tape (DIY) | Coat Hanger (How To Make a Wreath)

Building your own wreath is a lot of fun! There are a myriad of bases to choose from. If you need inspiration then Etsy and Pinterest are amazing resources.

Paper Cone Wreath (cornerhouseblog DIY) | Paper Star Wreath (littlebirdiesecrets DIY) | Yarn & Felt Wreath (Etsy) | Tie Wreath (bedifferentactnormal

Wreaths are wrought with lore and tradition as well as whimsy and fun. Whether you hang a wreath on the door to welcome visitors, or on the wall to complete your home’s decor, the splash of color on a cold winters day is sure to add a feeling of warmth, building excitement for the coming season.

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Happy Thanksgiving: 15 Ways to Show Thanks With Color

Happy Thanksgiving: 15 Ways to Show Thanks With Color

Of all the things to be thankful for, color is at the top of the list. Color is saturated into every fiber of our lives. It gives variety to our days, our moments, our very lives. It is there in our darkest moments and happiest memories. It can influence moods and reactions. It is there for us when we brainstorm inovative ideas, new marketing techniques, or complicated craft projects. Color is simply inspiring. So, on this Thanksgiving Day, remember to take a look around you and notice all the beautiul colors that this season has to offer.

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How are you celebrating color this season?

Fall Leaf Garland from Maureen Cracknell Handmade as a part of Celebrate Color 

Celebrate color this season with a leaf garland made of felt and yarn. Incorporate a gorgeous color palette into your home's decor without the crunchy mess of real leaves.

Project by Triple Play

Dazzling. Do you think these sparkly aqua-blue accents steer a little bit away from traditional fall colors? You have to admit, it adds a nice depth to the overall setting and complements that traditional orange nicely.

Thankful Tree" by Simply Vintage Girl

Elegant. Bring the outdoors in to create thankful bits of autumn pastels and pattern mixtures combined in a "Thankful Tree."


For the kiddos. Shades of brown add warmth and provide an earthy feel in this Turkey centerpiece. Choose a fun and colorful palette for the thankful feathers.

Tradition, (What Are You) Thankful Four?

What are you thankful...4? A great excuse to use color in so many ways! Write what you're thankful for on colorful number fours cut from scrapbooking or construction paper and share. Turn them in to ornaments to display all weekend. Keep them around as reminders.

"...one year I cut large 4s from paper and placed one on each person's plate. Just before dinner, we wrote the things we were thankful for on our cutouts, then took turns sharing our lists..." - Candice Steelman (reader at Disney Family Fun)

By Holiday Crafts and Creations

There's always room to go classic. Traditional autumn colors make a space warm and inviting. These edible place settings using M&M's to imitate Indian Corn are quite fun!

KABOOSE.com under Thanksgiving Crafts

Create a three dimensional palette with blocks and display an appropriately thankful message.

Design Sponge - DIY Project Autumn Leaf Bouquet 

What better way to say thank you to the beauty of color than to use fallen leaves to create vibrant autumn roses.

avery & anderson - Fall Decor' Part 4: THANKS be to upcycling wine bottles!

Get funky, use a few recycled wine bottles, a bit of paint and some other odds and ends to create and display a thankful word.

Crafty Katie - Fall Burlap Wreath

What would fall be without a wreath? Burlap offers a very earthy-happy texture, while adding a mix of traditional or non-traditional colors livens it up.

FineCraftGuild.com - Abundance Seed Balls

Blending tradition with innovation - did you look close enough? I took a double-take after realizing those were bean-balls in the cornucopia! How creative and fitting to the season. A gentle reminder of warm soup on chilly fall evenings.

INKspired Creations - Paper Pumpkins | Teresa Collins - Paper Thanksgiving Pumpkins

Autumn wouldn't be autumn without a couple of paper pumpkins leftover from Halloween. Another way to utilize a mix of patterns and palettes.

PLAID - Thankful Art Collage

The paper flower on this thankful journal has a nice whimsical feel to it and reminds me of autumn leaves. Writing down what you are thankful for is always a great way to reflect and come back to on days when you aren't feeling so thankful.

 Kind Over Matter - Thanksgiving Fortune Cookies

This simple, yet unique idea encompasses the idea that being thankful can also remind us of the good things that are yet to come.

Incorporating autumn colors into our homes and Thanksgiving celebrations is a special way to recreate that warm feeling we experience when we start listing all the things that we are thankful for. This reason, above all, is why color should be remembered on Thanksgiving Day.

A big Thank you to all of you COLOURlovers for loving color and making our community flourish with so many beautiful creations! Be safe and colorful on this holiday! - The COLOURlovers Team

Creations Used:


header credit: Leaf Garland

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Love this color? Live in it! A New Paint Color Feature Powered by Martha Stewart Living™

Love this color? Live in it! A New Paint Color Feature Powered by Martha Stewart Living™

I often hear COLOURlovers described as a place to help people find great colors... "Like for when you're looking for colors to paint your kitchen or bedroom." Problem is, it has been hard to take a color on our site and find a matching paint color in the real world.

So, we're super excited to announce a partnership with Martha Stewart Living™ to get her paint colors on the millions of colors, palettes & patterns pages here at COLOURlovers... By far making this site the biggest color resource for paint color inspiration!

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I've had the pleasure of spending some time at the Martha Stewart HQ in New York city and it's like Santa's workshop for creatives. Each room is full of people making awesome stuff... pastries in this room, ornaments in that room... It's the kind of place any creative/crafty person dreams of being locked in over night. Since Martha Stewart and her creative empire are all about crafting & creating... we're thrilled to work with her and all the awesome people at MSLO. The addition of these paints to the site is going to open so many great opportunities for interior designers & decorators, and even just somebody looking to add some pop to a boring white wall.

Finding the Paint Colors Your Love

Wherever a color is displayed on our site, along with the HEX & RGB numbers for that color we'll also show you the closest matching Martha Stewart Living paint color. And every display of that paint color will link you to the Home Depot site where the Martha Stewart Living paints are exclusively sold. From the Home Depot site you can easily & affordably try out a paint tester to make sure you love the color.

Note on Color Matching: Since more colors (16 Million) can exist on a computer screen compared to paint colors... Not every color on our site will be a perfect match to a paint color, but we're working hard on perfecting the matching logic so the color that you're loving here can be the color you're loving on your walls.

Martha Stewart’s 280 custom colors are inspired by themes found in nature and the home. Martha Stewart Living also supports the entire decorating project through an innovative color coordination system. Symbols match color families and themes, and coordinate with other household products throughout the store like rugs, furniture, and storage.

Colorful Story Telling with Paint

Along with adding the paint colors to the site, we'll be showcasing some of the beautiful home images from Martha Stewart in our Home Inspirations & Trends section of our site as well as some write-ups here in the blog. Having the ability to link colors we love to paint colors is really going to add a whole new layer of awesome to the site!

Paint Your Space. Share It With the World!

When you use this new feature to paint a wall in one of the spaces in which you live, make sure you post up a picture in the comments. We'll be showcasing a gallery of awesome painted spaces soon and I hope yours will be included.

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Plywerk - Naturally Display Your Artwork

Plywerk - Naturally Display Your Artwork

Introducing...PLYWERK, an eco-conscious photo mounting and art panel company based in Portland Oregon. They work with professional artists, photographers, interior designers, point and shoot photographers, parents, and everyone in between!

Art pieces are a made up of your print adhered to a Plywerk Panel to create a beautifully natural piece of wall art. Gorgeous bamboo or maple are offered for the wood options.

Plywerk Anatomy 101

Bamboo & Maple Plywerk Panels

COLOURlovers has recently become a Pro Partner of PLYWERK. Why is this super notable to mention? Because you're going to get the best, most amazing deals ever when you create an account (which is free). These deals are customized to COLOURlovers Members Only under the Prodeal membership (which is also free). Pretty sweet huh?

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Interior Design Trends: Yellow (Spring)

Interior Design Trends: Yellow (Spring)

Although it is now Spring, it still feels as if Winter is among us. Winter this year has been odd and different than the several winters prior. It seemed as though a snow storm would pop up every Tuesday, right on schedule. But, enough about Winter and on to Spring!

Spring is light, airy and refreshing. It is a time when you feel as though you can start over, a feeling and sense of new beginnings (that's how I always feel around Spring instead of New Year's.)  Relief is near as we enjoy warmer weather and get ready for those outdoor soiree's. There is also that thing we all know as Spring cleaning, I guess it all makes sense now, right?

Everyone views Spring differently,  if you ask one person what they associate Spring with, they may tell you that they think of daffodils, another may tell you barbecue's and if you ask me... I will simply tell you that yellow, tulips and light showers remind me of Spring. This is why I chose the color yellow for this Spring post.

What color do you associate Spring with?

fabric, bowls, flowers, pillow, candle, butterflies, pendant

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Interior Design Trends: Green and Gray

Interior Design Trends: Green and Gray

In honor of Saint Patrick's Day green is the color chosen for today's round up. Though originally the color that was associated with This holiday was blue, which I found to be very fascinating. As time went on the color green just grew and here we are. I don't know about you, but I enjoy decorating for holidays as well as celebrating holidays, which gives me an excuse to have fun and enjoy the company of friends and family. I know that emerald green seems to be the tone that comes to mind to most individuals, but all shades of green could be used if you are not fond of that type of green. I chose several fun green accessories and added a little bit of gray for some contrast. What will you be doing for  Saint Patrick's Day and have you decorated your home with touches of green?

Some Great Finds on Etsy...

header: fine art photography on Etsy.com and palette, Thatchery...

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