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4 Ways to Color Your Yard with Light

4 Ways to Color Your Yard with Light

This guest post is written by Annie Josey. Annie is a blogger for Pegasus Lighting, a specialty lighting retailer committed to helping everyone have a positive learning experience in lighting. Annie is also a fellow color enthusiast, and has made it her goal to use lighting to brighten up the lives (and living spaces) of everyone she meets.

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Color-loving homeowners can have some of the most attractive abodes around. Their houses have vibrant front doors and their yards gush with lively flowerbeds. Perhaps they have colorful bird feeders hung from porches or trees, or bold mosaic tiles around swimming pools and along walkways. They outfit their decks with bright chairs and whimsical umbrellas to shade them from the sun, but what happens when the sun goes down, and all that lovely color falls into shadow?

If you’re one of these homeowners, losing out on all your favorite shades the minute the sun sinks down might seem tragic. But, with the right outdoor lights, you can keep your favorite colors looking vibrant AND compliment your décor with even more color.

Here are 4 ways to add to and enhance your yard’s hues with light:

1. Work with what you’ve got.

This first tip is the most obvious – add accent lights to your yard’s most outstanding features. While this won’t work to spotlight every beautiful detail, picking a couple of focal points will go a long way. Try a few simple upward facing white lights to illuminate the best, most colorful features of your landscape like flowerbeds or trees (especially with autumn on its way!)

2. Liven up those guiding lights.

Perhaps you have steps in your yard leading up to a patio or down to a garden. It’s always a good idea to have lights around to keep you and your guests safe, but why not use this necessity to add some more color? If you’re feeling festive, try some color changing LED step lights. You can find them in a rainbow of hues to turn your backyard into a striking, unique oasis, perfect for hosting big parties, intimate get-togethers, and everything in between.

3. Accent your structures.

Colorful accent lighting on your deck, porch, or patio is the perfect way to create that quirky ambiance that will keep you and your guests feeling giddy late into the night. A strip of weatherproof LED tape lights in your favorite color along handrails and other architectural features will infuse your outdoor living area with fresh verve. Since you can trim tape lights to whatever length you want, you can even use them to backlight any of your favorite outdoor decorations – even your table!

4. Take the plunge for aquatic lights.

If you have a pool or pond in your yard, you’re losing out if you’re not lighting it up at night. Usually it doesn’t take much to make water look beautiful when it’s dark. If you’re ready to make a big commitment, you should install some underwater lights. Color changing lights are a really fun option here too - what could look neater than a magenta swimming pool, except a magenta swimming pool that slowly fades to green, then red, then blue? If you want something a little more temporary, you can decorate your water feature with DIY floating luminaries. Just put glow-sticks in your favorite color balloons and let them drift off for the evening!

Read more about lighting tips and information on the Pegasus Lighting blog.

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Gorgeous!!!Just for my abode!!!


In 2011 the tornado outbreak was the largest single-system tornado outbreak ever recorded ...358 warnings issued and 205 of them touching down. Leaving a path of destruction. The path of destruction was over 21 states wide and 324 deaths. This was about 4 days. I live in ALABAMA and we had 208 of the 358 deaths. From Tuscaloosa all the way to Huntsville leaving a visible trail from google maps. Because the Tornado took down the main lines in the Nuclear Plant it caused major outages for over 2 weeks. I was without power almost a week ....a little less but, because I had over 30 landscape lights I could see. Since they were solar powered they did their recharging by day and I would bring them back in at night. You have no idea just how dark the dark is when you have a whole city with out lights. NOTHING. I was ill prepared for any natural disaster because things like that don't happen for extended periods. Well, we lived by those lights. So, I mention this in the event any of you find that you are without power and you have them...they work wonderfully and give off adequate light to see. it's the best thing to have extra of...because you do not have to worry about storing them. When you use them as part of the landscape it's minimal the cost and effort....and very inexpensive since the sun powers them by day. Just thought I would share that experience. I am thankful I was taught to be resourceful growing up because most who are resourceful can survive.


Beautiful, but night should be night. for the health of all.

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