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Color Those Floors With These Rugs Trends

Color Those Floors With These Rugs Trends

Spring is upon us and with that comes the need of much more color in your life. One way to add more color into your home is by finding the most colorful and creative rug to fit your home. This dose of color will brighten up any room and will definitely brighten your spirits along with it.

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Whether you are looking for a solid color or want to add a little extra pattern into any given room, there are so many different styles and ideas that you can sure to find something fabulous to fit in with your current palette.

Source: Rug, Rug

This colorful rectangle rug is made of felt balls. Genius huh? Such great colors and a pattern made among colors is perfect for a welcome mat or even as the focal point in the living room.


Here are a few different takes on color and patten when it comes to rug shopping. Both are completely unique and would definitely get noticed where ever you chose to lay it down.

Source: Rug, Rug

The thing I love about this next photo is how the piping on the chair matches the colorful feel of the chair.

Source: Anthropologie, Baby Room

These colorful rugs all offer something fabulous to a space. You can easily spruce up any room, mundane or not, with these awesome rug designs. And these definitely aren't your grandma's rugs. These are modern and hip and create the space definition that everyone needs in a room.


Source: Kitchen, Stairs

Source: Rug

Looking for something geometric to fill the space? Any of these pieces would fit perfectly to give your room that awesome colorful glow in a modern way.


Source: Rug, Rug

Rugs are a great addition to a room because it creates that great definitely in any room. Whether it be under the kitchen table, in the living room or practically any other space in your home. And these colorful pieces would spruce up any room and any attitude with a lot of color. Which are your favorite pieces? Where would you put these in your home?

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Wow! Sooo nice!!!
I love all !!!!
LOVE those rugs!!!
I like the yug one with thepink arm chair! It's lovely.
Thank you for sharing! :)
I'm buying a home with hardwood floors throughout. I NEED these rugs!
yess...is this I like
Muuito Lindoos *-*
i love colorful-rug 9. it is wonderful..
oh wow, I am so in love with everything in the picture with the pink couch ! (:

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