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Pattern Spotting: Honeycomb

Pattern Spotting: Honeycomb

We have seen geometric patterns inundate our homes, our decor and our style. It is not to say that Moroccan prints or chevron is out, but it is time to make a little space for a new pattern coming up on the horizon. Honeycomb. And if you are still skeptical of letting another pattern into your life, here are some awesome ways to add subtle touches.

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Chicken wire is made in a honeycomb shape, which happens to be both stylish and practical. (Who would even thought the day would come where we would be saying chicken wire is stylish?) In the above DIY, you can make any frame a place for hanging vases and fresh flowers belong.

There are some simple ways to add this pattern into your home, without getting to crazy. My favorite of this bunch is the honeycomb pillow from West Elm that adds just a subtle pattern into the room.

Source: Vase, Pillow

Source: Clock, Mirror 

I have had my eye on this honeycomb bangle for a while now. This necklace is quite the steal at only $25 off Etsy.

Source: Bracelet, Necklace

Add honeycomb in the kitchen with these simple details. This plate set is a great addition to any kitchen as it offers a little bit of texture as well as some interesting design detail that is perfect for entertaining.

Source: Dishes, Backsplash

Honeycomb storage might be a little tricky to figure out at first, and it might not be the most functional thing on the market, but it sure does look great. It turns those mundane items, into an art piece on the wall of your home.

Source: Shelves, Bookcase

This might not be for everyone, but it sure it beautiful. A honeycomb wall, or better yet, wood detailing to create a honeycomb ceiling add quite the statement in any space.

Source, Ceiling, Wall

We couldn't end off this session of pattern spotting without some ideas for your next big event. Honeycomb napkins have stolen my heart as a favorite of this bunch, but there are a few close seconds that we have added here as well. A honeycomb cake is beautiful in so many ways, and muslin bags stamped with a honeycomb pattern add a perfectly subtle detail to any affair.

Source: Napkin, Greeting Card 

Source: Cake, Muslin Bags 

Have you seen honeycomb patterns popping up anywhere? Let's see those COLOURlover honeycomb patterns!

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love the honeycomb shape! So many awesome COLOURlovers patterns to soak up too!!

Honeycomb Patterns


So many great patterns! Great job everyone!
@caori NICE COLLECTION!!! oh that bag (the last one) love it~
Well Tell The Hive You Died Afloat

Now go ahead NAME THAT POET? Thank you! How silly I can be' YES THAT IS so right a Chicken Wire Fence is a Honey Comb Pattern! How sill I am......I live in THAT POETS home from 200 years before Now,and maybe chicken wire belongs some where,
In my front door side lights or transome? or simply in the Top half of the Double Dutch Door? Old Philip Might not see it my way, but selavee......wiggly wee'
Really awesome !!!

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