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Interior Design Trends: Purple and Gold

Interior Design Trends: Purple and Gold

What better way to continue a new year than with a regal and and elegant marriage of hues. Purple and gold are the colors I am talking about. As with any color twosome when it is done tastefully the results are beautiful. The two color are not just regal, but pleasant and happy as well, and I hope that the chosen examples are ones that you like. Here's to a continued happy and healthy New Year!

candle holder · bowl · tieback · vase · rug · lighting · pillow

room 1, 2

Gold_purple Purple_Gold

Purple_Gold purple_gold

Purple_Gold_BE Purple_Gold

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i think for elegant marriage purple is the best and i like too this is my favorite color also.
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Purple and gold is a great combo for the home...especially since it represents wealth and royalty in Feng Shui. Redesign your room with these colors and see if it brings you prosperity in this new year!!!


did you know that purple is a symbol of the noble in Japan?
only noble could have purple clothes (kimono)
so purple and gold really look magnificent!!!


Room 1 and 2 are GORGEOUS!

alice chambers

Purple and gold are always a winning combination and look very sophisticated. I have just completed a design project with lovely purple upholstered furniture and glorious purple wallpaper from www.wallpaperking.co.uk. The whole thing looks very regal and sumptuous.

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