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Meet the New Wallpaper - Bold, Sustainable Designs

Meet the New Wallpaper - Bold, Sustainable Designs

Wallpaper is making a come back! Although the current “green design” movement would make you think otherwise.... vinyl wall paper is despised, and for good reason--its completely non-biodegradable.

Meet Aimee Wilder and Hanna Werning, two of the many independent product designers offering new and different ideas about what wallpaper can and should be. The patterns are not only bold, colourful and fun--they also make use of sustainable manufacturing methods and materials.

Aimee Wilder

Aimee is a product designer with diverse interests in design and trends. Her wallpapers are:

“responsibly manufactured with responsibly-sourced fiber, and all suppliers adhere to one of the globally recognized forestry or chain of custody programs. All patterns are hand silk screened with care on clay-coated paper. All left over inks from the printing process are salvaged and reused–nothing is wasted or washed down the drains.”





Hanna Werning

Hanna is a independent, multidisciplinary designer based in Stockholm, Sweden. As opposed to the traditional rolled goods, Hanna makes use of a method called 'wallpaper-posters' which uses modular sections that you can arrange to your liking.

The idea of the wallpaper-posters is that one gets as many poster sheets one needs to cover a certain area, or just buy them as single posters for framing.

The “Animals Flowers” series consists of seven different styles click here to see the other patterns.




The “Tiles” poster design is “based on an illustrated tiles pattern inspired by traditional Italian tiles combined with graphic imagery.

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ah it's the groovy 70s wallpaper for a new generation
Love the robots! =)
ycc2106 wrote:
Love the robots! =)

me too~~~ =)
it is supercute...
Really cool patterns, but can't believe how expensive a roll of wallpaper is though. $140-180 per roll is that right? :S.

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