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Green Treats

Green Treats

Continuing on colorful treats, today's pick is focused on green. There are so many great green sweets around. Though it is not one of the desserts included in this roundup, mint chocolate chip shake is an absolute favorite of mine. Also, the green macaroon look so delicious and sadly, I have never ever had the pleasure of tasting an actual macaroon, but from what I hear they are pretty tasty. So, I hope that you enjoy this yummy collection of sweets and please feel free to share some of your favorite green treats.

gummi bear | sprinkles | cupcake | jordan almonds | macaroons | cookie | cake

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I often dream of eating a entire meal that is all one color.
alexcooper wrote:
I often dream of eating a entire meal that is all one color.

That would be very interesting! Green tea, green tea cake, green table, green view...back to the nature and refreshness :D *hug hug*
So pretty. :D There's something about green bakery goods...
I always wanted to eat a lot of food that is the same colour! Green just happens to be my favorite colour. :)
Apple, kiwi, plums,... DELICIOUS! <3

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