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Color Spotlight: I've Got The Blues

Color Spotlight: I've Got The Blues

If you've ever picked up a shelter magazine, then you know that painting a room is the first step in any interior makeover. The Color Spotlight series will provide inspirational images, paint swatches, and palates to help anyone in a color conundrum select the perfect new hue for their space.

First up in the series: light blue. I'm willing to bet that nearly half of you spent the first years of your life in a baby blue bedroom. Not only is it a color that we associate with newborn boys, it's also very calming, evokes the ocean and the sky, and pairs nicely with nearly any accent color.

(House Beautiful, paint swatches via Mythic)

As you get to know me, you'll discover that there are many things that make me swoon; painted floors happen to be one of those things. By coating the floors with glossy paint, this tiny dining area is kept light and airy. It certainly helps that most everything else remains white-- if the table and chairs were a darker wood, or the ceiling was painted, you'd lose the fresh effect that the sky-colored floor has on the compact space. And while it's unexpected, I love the addition of the powder-blue upholstery on the dining chairs! The two blue hues aren't quite from the same family (the floor has a touch of yellow, while the chairs have more red and almost hint at a grey-purple), but they work! For all we know, this space could be nestled in an apartment building, but it feels like a charming seaside bungalow.

(Desire To Inspire, paint swatches via Mythic)

I dream of having a space like this! Somewhere tucked away where you can lounge around in your pajamas, sipping tea, and becoming endlessly drawn into interior design blogs. Again, the canvas of white-painted wood creates the perfect setting to introduce a more playful color. The blue is a bit bolder this time around, but it's not overwhelming, which is key to the casual mood. Well-worn planks on the wall give it that barn-loft vibe, while the Mongolian lamb floor pillows and the Moroccan tray table offer a worldly flavor. What would you do with a room like this?

(This Is Glamorous, paint swatches via Mythic)

This third room is more on the aqua side of the spectrum, but quite often when people refer to something as "light blue", what they've really seen is aqua. In my opinion, aqua is one of the great neutrals. It goes into the same category as white and grey, which are my two favorite hues to use on walls. In this photo, the chow-chow proves that even this delicate color can be paired with autumnal tones and that it looks fabulous with ebonized wood. I love pairing vaguely aqua walls with worn leather furniture, white linen curtains layered over bamboo blinds, and a burlap-y seagrass rug.

Are any of you using a shade of light blue in your home?

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great post! I'm painting my room light blue this summer, so this helps a lot! thanks :)
I have a living room in creamy off-white, but I'm tiring of it and yearning for color. Any suggestions for a long, narrow room? It's between a yellow-tan entrance and a plum-burgundy dining room, sports sunny wood-tones in windows and doors, and a marbled stone fireplace. Floors are also natural maple in golden tones. I'm leaning toward a gray-teal-blue color, but want one that's not too dark or cold for our rather long Northeast winters.
wouw, definitely gonna use these in my new house!

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